For Those That Don’t Know What “Karening” means……

The picture below is the best way I can describe the term “Karening.” This is something that has been going on for Decades but thanks to camera phones we can record and put these people on blast!

A Real Life Depiction on how America was Built 🤔

You always hear the word of “if I can do it, why can’t you?” When this comes from a white person, most don’t understand the reality we are living in. You can try to explain but many do not want or can’t see how black people have been economically oppressed. It’s an insult when someone… Continue reading A Real Life Depiction on how America was Built 🤔

Sandra Bland…White People….Another Racial Injustice…..SMH

Many of us know who Sandra Bland is.....for those of you who don't or ignorant to her story, click the link below and educate yourself:

Never Been Said Better….

Until Equality is important to ALL races there will continue to be riots and protests. I couldn't had said it better....dear white people.....

The Advantage

Imagine being born into a group of people that were considered the majority. Living everyday life as a non threat but of the purest race.  Being given opportunity because of the color of your skin.  Born into wealth because your ancestors were slave masters many generations ago.  In most work and academic settings, most of… Continue reading The Advantage

Black Folks…How Far Have We Really Come?🤬🤦🏽‍♀️👀

I wanted to share this video that I came across online, (Please click the link below) it takes a look back in time, the 70's to be exact and shows how racism existed with children and teens in Queens, New York. Although this is just one part of the U.S, it shows how racism was… Continue reading Black Folks…How Far Have We Really Come?🤬🤦🏽‍♀️👀