Embracing Your Natural

Yes lets do this!  I commend many women who are snatching out the weaves and letting that beautiful curly hair shine through. For many years we let the media and society depict what beauty is. Long straight hair was the THING. If you weren’t a fan of the relaxer, you could fake it to you make it by adding that long bundles of weave in your hair.  I wont lie, weave and extensions can make the most average looking female look ten times better because its “perfected hair.”  Our real hair is going to have imperfections to an extent because its manipulated on a daily basis. I am not quite sure what or who drove us to start embracing the natural curl pattern but its great! We can do so many style with our hair being thick and bushy. High buns, bushy ponytails, goddess braids, box braids, bandu knots, twists, blow-outs, natural curl etc. If we want to change it up and wear our hair straight all we need is a once in a while – silk press to get those roots popping!  Now who can hate on that?

Me, I haven’t had a relaxer in years, and quite honestly don’t need it.  With a good wash and conditioner, blow dry and silk press I can keep my hair straight until the next visit. I like to blow out my hair wear it with feathered curls when I go to the salon because I am in that in between stage. I use to have long hair and because of breakage cut it into a bob. I loved that cut but it only looks good if you maintain it which was hard for me to do.  Now I am growing it back out and its in that in-between stage so I don’t do much to it but wear it curled for a week or so then make protective styles like a bun or braids after a while. If I knew the right product I would try the natural curly look but that really takes time to see what your hair needs and prefers so it can “act” right. I don’t have the patience chile lol. I will leave by saying this, some women need to maintain their natural better because I saw this girl come in the restaurant I was eating at for lunch and you can tell she was rocking the natural look, but it looked more like a disaster on her head, a mountain of dry tight matted mess. With the right product her curls would have been popping but not all of us really do our research on how to maintain a health natural style. Don’t let that be YOU LOL! Anyways! Thank you for Reading and feel free to comment.