Stepping Out on Faith….

This is one of the hardest things to do in life! Especially when you have always played it safe. But what happens if you never take risks. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Trust the Process Now there is a difference between faith and being unrealistic. Faith is having a plan and trusting that things will out. Faith… Continue reading Stepping Out on Faith….

Nipsey Hussle 🏁Documentary

Awesome production of a visual movie documentary for late rapper Nipsey Hussle! Check it out with the link below:

Why White People Get Defensive When it comes to White Privledge 🤯

I wanted to share a great post of Chelsey Handler explaining in her own words why white people have an issue discussing white privileged. It's broken down in detail very well so I figured I'd share. Let me know your thoughts.

The Pitfalls of Dating As a Millenial….🤯

Hard Truths You Need to Accept

How to Raise Boys that Respect Girls 💖

Read Before You Date Again….❤️

The Truth About Anxiety

Life Questions to Ask Yourself 🤯

For Those That Need A Little Motivation

8 Life Lessons to Remember 😊

Think but don’t Over think!

This is the worst. When we over think we tend to cause ourselves anxiety and worry over all the things that cAn go wrong. many times we worry because we know something is out of our control. D have control we typically do not worry. Often times when we worry less we have a more… Continue reading Think but don’t Over think!

For my Tea lovers……

If your like me there is nothing like a glass of hot tea to sooth and relax after a long day. Tea is great for many things such as illness, weightless, allergies, sore throat, cough, and comfort. Below are a few kinds of teas and their uses that may help when deciding on what tea… Continue reading For my Tea lovers……

For Those That Don’t Know What “Karening” means……

The picture below is the best way I can describe the term “Karening.” This is something that has been going on for Decades but thanks to camera phones we can record and put these people on blast!

A Real Life Depiction on how America was Built 🤔

You always hear the word of “if I can do it, why can’t you?” When this comes from a white person, most don’t understand the reality we are living in. You can try to explain but many do not want or can’t see how black people have been economically oppressed. It’s an insult when someone… Continue reading A Real Life Depiction on how America was Built 🤔