The Advantage

Imagine being born into a group of people that were considered the majority. Living everyday life as a non threat but of the purest race.  Being given opportunity because of the color of your skin.  Born into wealth because your ancestors were slave masters many generations ago.  In most work and academic settings, most of… Continue reading The Advantage

Suffering in Silence…..Infertility….

So many woman suffer from infertility but have to suffer in silence. Society places this clock on women to have kids in their twenty or early thirties. The millennial woman has other obligations such as school, career, saving money, student loans, and finding the right relationship. That's a lot to juggle. In result women are… Continue reading Suffering in Silence…..Infertility….

Black Male Accused of Stealing IV Drip?! Really?😩

Here is a video of a black man who checked himself into a hospital because he wasn't feeling well that is being accused of stealing an IV drip while a patient....thoughts? Video linked below

When They See US -The Central Park Five story

This isΒ  a must watch Netflix film.Β  If you have a son of color, you must see this heartbreaking reality.Β  Its a documentary of five young boys who were wrongfully convicted of a rape back in 1989.Β  They pinned the crime on these young boys who were only ages 14-16.Β  They were not apart of… Continue reading When They See US -The Central Park Five story