A Bit of Motivation!!!!!

To those that need to be reminded, Angela said it best..... Click the link below to find out: http://www.instagram.com/p/B1Esq23Bk5g/


To my single ladies…..And Gents…

We all get to a point where being single get OLD and you crave companionship. Your human, I get it. Until the time comes where you meet Mr. Long term, live your life! Do all the things on your checklist that you enjoy! I think back to when I was single, I don't think I… Continue reading To my single ladies…..And Gents…

PIINK DIIVA Stands for…..

P- is for protect thy heart 💞 I - is for Independence of ones life 💞 I - is for Integrity of ones character 💞 N - is for Natural beauty within you 💞 K -is for kiss one of life's intimate display of affection 💞 D -is for Dignity and self respect 💞 I… Continue reading PIINK DIIVA Stands for…..

Beyonce Stans…Please stand Up!

  I wanted to provide a link for my followers that are Beyonce fans and wish to take a sample of the new Lion King Album just dropped yesterday! Its powerful, diverse and aesthetic.  Please click to link to take a listen and let me know how much of a fan you are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnDdyeOaXy0&list=OLAK5uy_nkj8U4dj1uSMUhZsAp0R3TpYH0xWvbcPc This… Continue reading Beyonce Stans…Please stand Up!

I Am Appauled! Disgusted!

Has anyone heard about the man who dismembered, raped and hid the body of a Chinese scholar student attending the Univ of Illinois?  The case has been on the news quite a bit.  If your unsure of it here is a link to the story. https://wgntv.com/2019/07/18/jury-deliberates-for-2nd-day-on-penalty-in-scholars-slaying/ So this dude was on trial for the death… Continue reading I Am Appauled! Disgusted!

Netflix Beats Cable Any-day!

I don't know about you, but I stopped paying for cable service a long time ago! I think its a complete rip off when it comes to prices. I will say I love watching a good movie or TV show and relaxing. Some type of TV entertainment is a must in my home. What I… Continue reading Netflix Beats Cable Any-day!


This is a topic I wanted to discuss because I have seen quite a few articles mentioning the continued up rise in Colorism and specifically in the entertainment world. Id first like to address what Colorism is, I describe it as color preference within a group of people that have the same nationality. I am… Continue reading Colorism

Illuminati, Stay Right Where You Are!

The Media sucks, plain and simple.  They pull us in by broadcasting what is trending at the time and force us to swallow it until its no longer a HOT TOPIC.  Many of these things displayed in the media are planned and sponsored by the big guys behind the scene. The money you have, or… Continue reading Illuminati, Stay Right Where You Are!

Why are we still calling it…..Reality TV??!

At some point it has to stop.  This fake world of trying to get famous quick or become relevant again.  That is what I call fake TV aka Reality TV.  It really has got out of hand!I use to watch reality TV when I was a teenager when it first became popular into my adulthood. … Continue reading Why are we still calling it…..Reality TV??!

The Social Media Experience

Good morning!!!! Happy Monday.  I felt compelled to write about something that has become so main stream and so normal that people are shocked when you do not utilize it. SOCIAL MEDIA.  I will admit, I use to be on there for years, I remember having a Black planet Page, that was the first, then… Continue reading The Social Media Experience