The Importance of Mental Health

This has been a topic in the media lately.  Let me know if you agree. There has been quite a few celebrity's in the past few years committing suicide.  When you think of a celebrity lifestyle with fame, fortune and money, an average person such as myself would feel like whats there to be sad… Continue reading The Importance of Mental Health

Recommended Author of The Month

I want to share an amazing author with you!  She writes books for the soul and that provides a sense of awareness for each person as an individual.  Her books are motivational and encouraging, which everyone needs time to time. I have personally read "Thirty" which is a definite recommended read.  I also am currently… Continue reading Recommended Author of The Month


This is a topic I wanted to discuss because I have seen quite a few articles mentioning the continued up rise in Colorism and specifically in the entertainment world. Id first like to address what Colorism is, I describe it as color preference within a group of people that have the same nationality. I am… Continue reading Colorism

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Being A New Mom isn’t Easy🤰🏽🤱🏽

Moms....does this picture look familiar to you when you first brought home your new baby? Tired worn out? People can tell you how it will be, but you won’t know until your first child. You want to cry and the post partum starts to hit you after the reality of your new life hits you.… Continue reading Being A New Mom isn’t Easy🤰🏽🤱🏽

Word of Advice For My Single Ladies…..

I want to share a message from Steve Harvey that hit home. He was answering a question for a young woman in a dead end relationship. Please view and let me know your thoughts! I hope it helps someone in limbo. Thanks for viewing!

Happy Halloween From Yours Truly 🎃!

Don’t Let People Rush You!🚦🔴

I remember before I got married and approaching 30 the pressure was on to get married. Although as a career woman this wasn’t my main priority, but if was something I wanted to experience. I always wanted a partner to build a empire and start a family with. But in my time. Women and men… Continue reading Don’t Let People Rush You!🚦🔴

Are Millennial Women More Successful Then Men?

I recently had a conversation with a group of women on how there are more women that are going for higher roles and earning more or just as much money as men this day and age. It’s a known fact that women are advancing their education and more career driven than generations past. Does this… Continue reading Are Millennial Women More Successful Then Men?

Healing is…….

Video Chat Shenanigans 📱💻🖥🎥

Is it me or do you also look at your self more than the person on the other end during before chat? LOL. It’s funny because this always crosses mind when I do a FaceTime or video chat. I look at how my skin looks, hair, the background, how fat my face looks etc. The… Continue reading Video Chat Shenanigans 📱💻🖥🎥

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Girls Brunch Decor!💃🏻🥂🍾

This weekend I hosted a girls brunch and I am very pleased on how it turned out. I wanted to share some pictures of the decor and food! It was a great time for my friends and family to get together and enjoy good mimosas and girl talk. I can’t wait for the next one!… Continue reading Girls Brunch Decor!💃🏻🥂🍾

5 Types of People to Surround Yourself With..😳

The company you keep is very important! Choose wisely. 😊

Great Example of Soul Ties….And What it Means!