Celebrating Women!

I wanted to make a post centered around celebrating women! Being a woman comes with many reward and challenges.  We have come a long way for equal rights and I must say, LADIES…we are dominating but still have along way to go.  First lets celebrate what we have achieved in the past decades!  


#1. Independence – We have been able to secure some of the top careers in places that we were never able to navigate such as politics, running for president, mayor, governor, CEO of some of the largest fortune five hundred companies. We now are mothers and head of household in many homes. We are able to raise children and have a prosperous career at the same time. Although we have a ways to go when it comes to equal pay among-st our male counter parts, lets celebrate this achievement thus far!

#2. Education – We have been able to secure education status of Masters, Doctoral, JD status just to name a few.  In the past, we had to sit back and watch our male counter parts dominate the education system and get the better jobs, but now, ladies we are able to go as high as we want in the education system and change some of the though process from the past that we were to be barefoot and pregnant after high-school.  NOT ANYMORE!


#3. Women of Color – I want to celebrate ladies of color because the struggle IS real. Although for ALL women have faced and issues, women of color have faced many additional challenges from racism, judgement, media and scrutiny just to name a few for decades and still have a long road to go. The day that all women can come together and make their power and presence known, we can overcome some of the challenges still faced as a GENDER. Forget a RACE, lets band together as a GENDER and knock the socks of these dick heads!  Unity is stronger than individual segregation. Lets celebrate women AND women of color pressing forward and staying strong when everyone else has been against us ALL. What you say?


If there is anything else you believe should be celebrated by all women please comment and share, thank you for Reading!



Having a Peace of Mind….

What does this mean?  Does it mean not to have a worry in the world, or to let your mind wander to a place with no despair?  I really cant put a definition to it but I will say there is NOTHING like having a peace of mind.  When I look up the googled definition here is what I found:

If something gives you peace of mind , it stops you from worrying about a particular thing or event.


There are times in life where I have had a piece of mind, and in most cases it was when I felt like I was in control of something.  Now looking back, a sense of control was a hidden sense of fear from things falling apart.  I don’t think we ever REALLY have control over anything in life. Sometimes things are up to chance or just natural causes. The only person that can really control THIS THING CALLED LIFE IS GOD. A spiritual healer and guide to help us navigate our purpose here on earth by listening.  Sometimes the loudest response is what has not been said. What made me really write a post about Having A Peace of mind is that we spend so much time worrying about things that we have absolutely no control over that we miss some  of the most amazing milestones in our life. Each year we get older and the years get numbered.  What have we accomplished so far?  Or did we spend the them full of worry and concern that we let all this valuable time pass us by. My mother said something to my sister and I the other day that hit home, and one day soon I will under stand.  She said ” I am not sixty five year old, there will be a day where there will be more days in your past than you have in your future.” This hit home because at her age she see’s a shortened road than I do in my thirties or my niece in her teens. When your young you feel like you have the world ahead of you, and plenty of time to accomplish life’s wonders. But in reality we have to use each day and year like its the best time. There are RIGHT times in life and those are the ones GOD allows to happen. One phrase I like is “its not what happens to you, but how you respond to what has happened.” 

Thank you for Reading!


Recommended Author of The Month

I want to share an amazing author with you!  She writes books for the soul and that provides a sense of awareness for each person as an individual.  Her books are motivational and encouraging, which everyone needs time to time. I have personally read “Thirty” which is a definite recommended read.  I also am currently reading “In Case Nobody Told You.”  Check her out here: 


Her name is Emily Maroutian. Her material can be found on Amazon.com. 

“A Second Opinion” – Theories and Observations on Life and Human Behavior414Bi-jLgWL._UY250_

“The Process of I” – An exploration into the Intertwined Relationship between Identity and Environment


“The Energy of Emotions” -The 10 Emotional Environments and How They Shape The World Around Us


Page from this book:

“Thirty” – A Collection of Personal Quotes, Advice and Lessons


“The Empowered Self” – Over 100 Activities and Steps for Creating An Empowered Mind


“The Book Of Relief” – Passages and Exercises to Relieve Negative Emotion and Create More Ease in The Body


“Adventures in Thinking” – Opening the Mind Beyond Practiced Limitations


“In Case Nobody Told You” – Passages of Wisdom and Encouragement


Here is a sample page from the book:

Thank you for Reading!

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Rejection is God’s Protection…..So You Don’t Say?

I remember hearing this phrase growing up that “Rejection is God’s Protection.”  When you hear this as a kid or young adult, you don’t find much meaning to it.  What I mean is….you really don’t care what the message is, you just WANT what you Want in that moment, and will be willing to do almost anytime to get it.  I am sure majority of us can look back on a situation in life that kept setting us back from what we thought we wanted at the time. can we couldn’t understand why?!  We felt like God is punishing us, and we don’t understand whats going on.  As you get older, this message has more significance because we have more experiences to share. Typically as an adult who understands this message, we can look back on life and see a time when we were rejected.  We thought it was the end of the world until we seen the potential outcome, or what could HAVE been and praise GOD that he prevented the end result from happening.  In return it did not affect us.  This was GOD’s protection.  


Many times hear on earth we have been accustomed to living MAN’S way instead of the GODLY way.  That is why we have struggles, and obstacles, setbacks, hurt, pain, and situations that we lack understanding. I am not the most religious person at all, but I do agree that points in the bible were written to keep human kind on the straight and narrow path to avoid the world’s destruction.  We are living in MAN’S selfish time so that why we are facing alot of corruption in the 20th century. (in my opinion). I am a living witness where I may have wanted something so bad in the past and GOD rejected it from my life.  After time went on and I got through the sadness of the situation, I was able to look back and be grateful that I made it through because the end result was not favorable and would had brought MAN’S obstacles that we wanted to prevent me from.  It can be the most simplest of situations from dating someone, obtaining a specific job, moving some place, traveling somewhere, avoiding a car accident, ending up hurting yourself etc. The list goes on.  


So when you face a moment where GOD keeps showing you rejection, and you feel lost.  Always remember he has something better, that’s meant for you, and will save hard ache.  You aren’t suppose to see it now, but your suppose to TRUST THE Journey. Let GO, and Let GOD. When you least expect it, what was meant wont be an obstacle, it will fall in your lap willingly and be even more worth the wait. TIMING is everything in this day and age, but unfortunately its one of the hardest things to be patient with.  Thank you Reading!


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Why Stress….We Cant Control The Outcome?!

This thing called LIFE I tell you…..don’t it feel like sometimes if it isn’t one thing, its another?  You can have a set of great weeks in a row, and sail through life on cloud nine, then BOOM! Some bullshit shakes up your world and you have to figure out how to keep it together. This in return brings stress.  This can be mentally, physically, and emotionally.  They all suck!  Well the one thing we do know is we stress…..why though?  What can we really do to fix it when we stress ourselves out about it?  Well we do it Because its out of our control, and we want to fix it right away!!!!! Its in human’s natures to control the situation in hopes of a preferred outcome.  As we get older and experience more, we realize that WE HAVE NO CONTROL, and the only thing we can do is CONTROL how we respond to it.  


What are some ways to keep from stressing????  Well find things to do to block whats going on out your mind by finding hobbies that you enjoy, for me that is SHOPPING THERAPY!  Something that also helps is make a list of what is stressing you, and write down ways to will tackle it……its something about writing things down or journaling how you feel in your smart phone that helps keep you on point to targeting what is stressing you out. Remember, nothing last forever, that’s the bright side in stress, it will one day be over…..How soon?  That’s up to GOD and how you respond.


One thing I know for sure, as long as we are humans walking this earth and living life, stress is unavoidable, we just need to find the best way to cope and keep it to a minimum so it does not take us over!  Below are some helpful ways to deal with stress.  Thank you for Reading!    



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Its Alright not to have all the Answers……Really….its ok.

One of the hardest things for me to admit is that I may not have all the answers!  If you are like me I pretty much treaded through life with no major issues until you have to learn to compromise and prepare for the big shit like marriage, children, financial struggles, setbacks etc. I was usually the friend that my peers came to for advice, and typically always seemed knowledgeable about alot.  There is a time that we can hit a cross road and not know where to go, or which direction to take.  This can cause anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, isolation, and just put you in a very dark space.


As I have got older and faced with more challenges its like a weight lifted to admit, I just may not know where to go from here, and to ask GOD for his guidance.  The scary part is sometimes we may not see his answer right away, GOD does not work off our timeline so we must be still and pay attention to his response.  That is usually to put us back on his original track before we drifted off making a “man made” decision. At this time, tell yourself, LORD, I don’t have the answer but I trust you will guide me through.


When you think you have all the answers, it can be a false sense of confidence. If everyone had all the answers, there would never be any mistakes made.  We learn from mistakes, at least we are suppose too.  We cant be so hard on ourselves, but when we relinquish the control, the unknown answer will come to us to lead us back on track. That’s LIFE! Thank you for Reading!

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Is this Free Will or was I Destined to Go Through This?


I am not the most religious person, let me start by saying that.  I always wondered how this THING called life is set up.  As I got older, things start to become more clear. Life is a journey, not a marathon. Every person has been through ups and downs, and has a set journey specific to them.  One question I have asked my mom many times: does everyone we meet significant in our lives serve a purpose? For example, when we get married, is this person destined to be our wife/husband? When we have children with someone, were we meant to “mate” with this person so our off spring can be created? These are questions that you can answer differently depending on how you look at it.

When we think about our life being made up of “Free Will, the meaning I found is: “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.”  Yes we can make decisions in life and they may not all be “godly” or what he has planned, but did we actually choose this as our decision, or was this God’s fate all along.  Sometimes I do think that we have free will during our journey planned by GOD for example, I do believe our journey is pre-determained.  When we listen to GOD or that spiritual nature such as “gut feelings, living by the bible, avoiding man’s sins, listening and learning who our guardian angels are on earth are all designed to keep us on the path GOD has for us.  When we add free will into it, this allows us to veer off path and make a decision that is not GODLY such as pre-marital sex – which can result in heartbreak, kids out of wedlock or with the wrong person, suicide, early death from what should not have been, pretty much anything sinful can lead us off track and cut life short or make obstacles in our life. 

When I think of Pre-determained, I truly believe that GOD has a plan for all of us. The meaning I found is: predestine (an outcome or course of events). Every soul born onto this earth in my opinion has a pre-determained path and a spiritual goal to fulfill. Many of us because of sin do not live out this goal, and if we do we go to the promise land which is heaven. These are not facts at all just my opinion based on how I look at life thus far. What do you think? Have you ever had an experienced that validated any of this?  Thanks for reading!

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Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Tough Times

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite life quotes and why they are my favorites.  I like to discuss diverse topics on my blog and this topic is about inspiring quotes and the message behind it. Sometimes reading these quotes makes you think, and helps you to relate them to your own life. Let me know if any of these are your favorites or that has helped you in a time of need. Thanks for Reading Enjoy!


Meaning: One of my biggest challenges is that I like to be in control.  Over the past few years as I have got older, I realize 75% of what happens to us in life is out of our control and the only control we do have is how we RESPOND to what happens. In life when you relax and let go of an outcome, you have more peace and its easier to accept what is….and how you will respond to it. When we try to control everything that’s when we end up disappointed.


Have you ever went through something and thought you would never get over it?  I did with past relationships, situations etc.  But as time went on and I let things go, I really did get over it.  One thing is true time heals wounds. You ever look back and when things got better, it was easier to understand why things happened the way it did? It all made sense.


When I speak with older people who have lived a full life, many of them are not concerned with the trivial things of life like someone younger.  They are more concerned with their health and being able to support themselves after retirement. Its funny how if you have a conversation with an older person around 80 years old, they have alot of wisdom and like to share it. Alot of the things we take for granted when we are younger, they cherish those moment because once they are gone, you cant get them back.  Enjoy life! Never take a day for granted, and make sure to LIVE.

Below are some other random quotes that I enjoy:

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How To Understand Your Emotions

I wanted to share this post because it is easy to confuse the different emotions we feel day-to-day and understand why we feel them.  Many times we get conflicted feelings when something happens to us or if we are put into a situation where we have to make a tough decision. Decisions can cause us to feel all types of ways for example…..the ones below. The post below is interesting because I never really took the time to read the difference between some of the challenging emotions we may feel below.  As women, we have a tendency to make decisions out of emotion rather than logic at times. This is because we are naturally nurters and caring. When we make decisions out of emotions or say things we dont mean out of emotions, we have a tendecy to regret them later once that emotion has passed.

The feelings below seem negative because usually they are brought on by situations that we don’t necessarily like.  Always listen to your emotions….but never make a decision when your feeling emotional because they can change daily. Take a moment to read below…Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!




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Ways to Stimulate Personal Growth

I felt compelled to share something motivational today! Trust we may not know why God gave us a particular journey, but always trust the answers come to you in the end, and where he is taking you is beautiful! I really enjoyed the post below and found it helpful when trusting your journey! ENJOY! cropped-pink-shiny-diamond-white-table-background-90051662.jpg



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Are we Living to Work?

This is an interesting topic and honestly, it depends on how you look at life, specifically your life and circumstances.  

The first question is Are we living to work? 

Without humans working daily to make the everyday function of life habitual we will be living like the Indians right?  There would be no buildings, fast food restaurants, houses,  daycare’s, schools, laundry facilities, car dealerships, grocery stores and I can keep going, the list goes on.  Who made these facilities?  Humans did.  So if we did not use our brains (which is one of the most powerful muscles) we would not live the standard of life that humans are living today.  Lets not get started with the advancements of technology.  Kids today will never know what its like to live with out IPADs, laptops or Tablets. So are we living to work?  Are we here to help keep technology going, making the earth a habital place?If we didnt use our minds to help make this world a liveable place would it still function? Before the advancements, life was able to be lived through eating food from the wild, building homes out of straw etc? We wouldn’t last a week living like that now.  Are we here to continually advance the quality of human life then die for the next generation to take over?

The flip side, are we Working to live?

In order to live a life as a soul on this place called earth we must work to survive right?  If we dont work and have income (money) to pay bills and provide food for our families, we wont last here in this lifetime long.  Many people have risked their lives for this green machine we cal MONEY. People result to prostitution, drug dealing, theft, robbery, killing, etc. just to get their hands on money to live. If you are blessed enough to get rich or have wealth life wont be so hard obtaining and living a lifestyle on earth that is deemed successful. But are they really happy?  What if you have wealth today and gone tomorrow? Couldn’t this take a toll and make you not want to live life having to function like a normal person with a 9-5 pm.  Average people if they are lucky, have a job and make enough income to feed and house their families, we have 65 soon to be 70 years to work if your lucky, and not get ill to where you have to depend on the government.If we all decided we were no longer going to go to work, and did what we wanted, without any regards to money, would we be able to survive on earth? Would we drive ourselves crazy without rules……  So which do you think it is?

Are we Living to Work or Working to Live? Maybe Both? Thank you for reading!

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Keeping a Goal List

Hey ladies and Gents! I wanted to give you all some inspiration this morning!  Always always keep a personal goal list.  Even if you are married.  Never forget about who you were/are as an individual.  It may be easy to get lost in the noise of a relationship, marriage, becoming a mother or father and forget the personal goals you ave striven for yourself. Remember……not all marriages and relationships last, so who will you be once thats over.  I am not saying that you should look forward to the worst, I am just saying be realistic about how LIFE works.  Also if your a parent, remember children grow up, and become their own personal, with their own goals, wants and feelings which can make you feel alone when they are no longer with you everyday or grow up to be independent. With this being said, be sure to take note of personal goals both financially, and personally.  I like to write mine down, its something about seeing them on paper that makes me feel a bit more connected to them. Many folks like to make notes in the smart phone or computer.  Whatever works best for you, keep track and give yourself a realistic time frame.  For example, I been wanting to buy a house for the past year, and it seems like every time I get close there is a setback, financially.  These the thing about marriage, you both have to work as a team, and if one needs more time, you MUST compromise. 


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Staying Positive When the Grass looks Greener!

Hey Dolls! I felt like talking about the grass looking greener on the other side this morning!  Its so easy to look at someone else and say “they have it together, or they are lucky” but one thing never to forget is that people only show and tell what they want you to know.  Nothing is ever just perfect, and if it looks like it, its not real! LOL.  When you water your own grass, it GROWS!  Especially as we get older, when your not where you want to be in life, its so easy to get down on yourself, but you have to ask, what clock are we trying to beat???? Who says we are too late????  Are we still breathing, YES, so its not too late.  We may face hurdles but if we keep trying and stay persistent, GOD does answer prayers.  Free Will is just as important as Whats meant is meant!  When we stay positive, we influence the energy around us, and the angels are attracted to this which helps the guardian angels protect and walk with us towards what we want to manifest.  I am a believer in you can control the energy around you. 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I went through my negative moments in life, especially last year.  I wanted everything my way, and to happen NOW. I had to learn that many times MY way is not the RIGHT way, and sometimes TIME allows things to manifest in the BEST way for a much better turn out in the future.  As humans this is hard because we want everything right away.  I think when we rush or want everything NOW now NOW, that’s when the dust settles, we look back and wish we may have been patient or did things another way. Now we are looking at the grass thinking its greener on the other side, when its not, its just different from ours. What I hope you get out this post is to PRAY, stay Positive, and water your own grass because whats meant for you, IS for YOU.

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