Black on Black Crime is Stupid

I want to address this topic because its starting to get old and is very stupid that to this day we are still dealing with a culture that has the largest number of in-cultural killings.  It sick and frustrating that the African american male population complains about police brutality, and slavery and racism but the brothers cant even get it together with one another.  I see so much pride, jealousy and hate between black men that it makes me want to puke.  How can you complain about others killing blacks when you do it to yourselves.  What happen to having each others back and leading by example?  Black people are no longer physically slaves but by actions, we have become mental slaves.  We have used this mental slavery to get ahead and keep our brothers down.  The term “crabs in a bucket” is fitting.  


Why is it that the brothers who are out here trying to do some good, give back and make the drop knowledge to make the cultural stronger are blown away by dumb senseless acts of violence?  I am asking these questions because the problem and possible solutions are blasted all over new media, radio, books, talk shows, YouTube etc but the problems seems to keep rising.  Its almost as if black men love and want to go to jail to prove their a MAN…the fuck??? It sick! That the best way I can describe.  I get that its a mentality that has been passed down and when growing up in a poverty area, you look at the next man as your possible enemy, and need to put your survival face on…right? Well if we flip the script and say, your not my enemy, your my brother, lets stand together and figure out how to come together to make life easier, and get ahead.  Lets share knowledge and wisdom so we can help our community.  Lets set the kids down and speak to them about growth and the importance of having each-others back, which doesn’t always mean financially.  It can be knowledge wise, having someone be a friend, sharing food if living in poverty etc. 

I understand that there are things in place to keep minorities down but we make it worst upon ourselves.  If you look at most business out there we are investing in other cultures goods for example….who sells hair weaves and make the most profit, the Chinese, who makes the most profit off of nails….The Asian culture.  Who has a restaurant in almost every hood, The Asian community selling their food.  Bet you wont find a Soul food Joint in China Town!!! Next, Indians own gas stations, and Indian Restaurants, white folks love Indian Food! How many black own businesses are there?  A few hood shops that are only located in the hood in MOST cases, not all so the clients are hood folks who half the time are jealous and don’t want to see you go ahead so they do some dumb shit and kill the owner or workers, and the police shut it down.  Example Nipsey Hussle….this dude made something out of nothing and has major businesses to give people jobs and help build the community to something, what does this DICK FACE do, he gets his low life out of jail and get sin his feeling like a BITCH and kill this man, or worked with the GOVERNMENT – FEDS, potentially to get a little money and kill this brother who is trying to make a difference….the truth on what went down will come out on this mans murder.


My point to conclude this rant is that we have to do better.  We have to, what is it going to take?  How many have to die, how long and loud do we have to complain…its like you can cry about being suppressed but when you do it to yourself, you really have nothing to cry about when other cultures do it to you, and look at your culture as worthless pieces of shit.  Tears….

Thank you for Reading! Whats your thoughts?!



The Rise of Single Motherhood

I’m sure this is a topic that many of us have known to become true in the last couple of decades for women of all races but I’m going to focus on African American women because studies show that we have the highest rise in single motherhood than the other groups.

There are many reasons we can point the blame to but the truth be told that it’s so common these days that we have become to accept it as normal. Let’s fist discuss some of the potential reasons that started this epidemic:

-Many African American fathers are dead or in jail. Half our men have been killed with by the police or crime involvement weather voluntarily or innocent bystander. Black men get locked up and much harsher sentencing than any other race so it’s not surprising many of them are in jail and unable to raise their children. Many of the reasoning for black men to go to jail are environment upbringings that put them in a situation to survive such as selling drugs for money, crime to feed family or finding no way out of unfortunate circumstances. These are reasons that we have known for many years challenge African American men.

This has trickled down to the households where girlfriends and wives of black men are left as widows or single mothers because these men are no longer in the home to help raise the family. So this falls on the shoulders of the women. It’s like a domino effect.

Now let’s shoot years later in the new millennium and examine how this mentality has become normal. For many years we have seen grandmothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, friends and aunts raise their children alone for whatever reason that the father is not involved or in the home that we have come accustom to accepting that this is what is alright. I say this now because almost everyone knows at least two or more black single mothers that never been married to the father, or decided to become a single mother by choice without hesitation. It’s like we come together as a sisterhood and support this thinking because we are so use to doing it alone due to growing up and seeing many of our fore-mothers raising children alone due to the circumstances above. When something is common it’s likely to become normalized and that’s why I feel it’s a rise in the black community.

We can’t forget the small group of women that feel they would be good moms and raise a child themselves without the father and this may potentially be true to the fact that women are becoming head of household, have higher educations in the black community to the male counterparts, less crime rate and affiliation, and hold jobs that allow the income to raise a child on their own. So with this belief many women feel empowered that they can be a great single mother by choice.


There are upsides and downsides which affect not having a family structure. Many we already know and understand and sometimes it’s best not to be in a situation that is unhealthy for parents and child. In this situation a healthy co parenting situation will be better if not JUST as rewarding for everyone involved. If this is priority in most single family households, we could see less affects in the black community. What do you think? Thanks for reading!