Dating After Covid

All I can say is it seem like it sucks! I can’t say I know personally because I am married. I have a lot of friend that are single and dating, and although it was hard before, it really seems challenging now. You have people ghosting, unsure about commitment, not clear on their intentions and… Continue reading Dating After Covid

Being Afraid of Change

How many of us can relate? You know your tired of the same day to day. You yearn for a new change of scenery, new experiences and growth. They say you grow by change but why is it so scary? Not knowing if something is going to work out, or unsure of what’s on the… Continue reading Being Afraid of Change

You should NEVER have to……

Incomplete Green Flags!

Looking to Rebuild Your Credit

Yes for 2022 let’s get our credit back in the right bracket! Please good and follow Road to 750plus to learn more about how you can easily fix your credit. Like follow and subscribe on Instagram! @roadto750plus

Top Books For The Motivated Woman!

Definitely some must reads, please feel free to screenshot and copy this list of you are on your growing, financial, spiritual and motivating journey! Enjoy!

Stepping Out on Faith….

This is one of the hardest things to do in life! Especially when you have always played it safe. But what happens if you never take risks. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Trust the Process Now there is a difference between faith and being unrealistic. Faith is having a plan and trusting that things will out. Faith… Continue reading Stepping Out on Faith….

Nipsey Hussle 🏁Documentary

Awesome production of a visual movie documentary for late rapper Nipsey Hussle! Check it out with the link below:

Why White People Get Defensive When it comes to White Privledge 🤯

I wanted to share a great post of Chelsey Handler explaining in her own words why white people have an issue discussing white privileged. It's broken down in detail very well so I figured I'd share. Let me know your thoughts.

The Pitfalls of Dating As a Millenial….🤯

Hard Truths You Need to Accept

How to Raise Boys that Respect Girls 💖

Read Before You Date Again….❤️

The Truth About Anxiety