Sandra Bland…White People….Another Racial Injustice…..SMH

Many of us know who Sandra Bland is.....for those of you who don't or ignorant to her story, click the link below and educate yourself:

Drew Dixon Details Rape by Russell Simmons

In the age of the MeToo movement, it's important to spread awareness of these celebrities getting away with rape due to their money or celeb status. It's sick!!! Russell Simmons is allegedly in denial about his past just like Bill Cosby and Harvey Winestein. Most of these guys took advantage of women in the 80s… Continue reading Drew Dixon Details Rape by Russell Simmons

White Girl stands up to her Racist Dad!

Let's face it! This is why how racism is passed on through the link to view.... I applaud this young lady for standing up for unity and educating herself! 🙏

Never Been Said Better….

Until Equality is important to ALL races there will continue to be riots and protests. I couldn't had said it better....dear white people.....

To My Asian Community…..

Jenny Mai from the Talk Show the real shares a very heart full and honest piece on Asians take of racism. Please take a listen.

Deep: White Community Kneels Down To Ask For Forgiveness As The Black Community Kneels Down To Join Them In Prayer! 🙏

Deep: White Community Kneels Down To Ask For Forgiveness As The Black Community Kneels Down To Join Them In Prayer! — Read on

Dear White People……..

Repost from a friend.....

Ten Ways to Protect Your Vibe 😌

Hmmmm? Will He Look Back on This?

So I am scrolling on social media and I came across a recent picture of Dwayne Wade and his son, it looks like they are I. The c add r and Dwayne Wade has dyed his hair red and his son pink. I am all for the movement of supporting your kids and joining the… Continue reading Hmmmm? Will He Look Back on This?

Growth vs Comfort

It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of familiarity because you know what to expect. Regardless if your happy or not many times as human we gravitate towards routine because it feels safe. Especially in situations such as a job or relationship. One thing is for sure life is filled with opportunity and experience.… Continue reading Growth vs Comfort

Stop Chasing Him…..!!!

I want to share a repost from @notyourtypicalman on some of the common ways a woman is chasing a man! What are your thoughts on this? Have any of you been there before?

Survival Mode Explained By Nipsey Hussle

I wanted to share a good description for my viewers to better understand a perspective of someone that may be growing up in poverty, and why they make the choices they do. It's to survive. Nipsey Hussle took time to do a interview and discuss why he invested in an Arts Center and Vector 90… Continue reading Survival Mode Explained By Nipsey Hussle

The New Normal

It’s crazy! Who would have thought that we would be living through a Pandemic! Yeah we all know we have an idiot for a president who care about no one but himself, and has the nerve to want to lead a country. I can’t wait until he is put out of office and we actually… Continue reading The New Normal

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Top Ten Quarantine Queen Pet Peeves

Hey my quarantine queens and gents! Let’s face it, this may be our new normal for a while while we pray for a rapid cure or vaccine to this Corona Virus🤦🏽‍♀️. In the meantime there are just a few things you may or may not be able to relate with! Let’s get started. If your… Continue reading Top Ten Quarantine Queen Pet Peeves

Habits That Drain Your Energy

Hey loves I wanted to reach out and discuss a topic that many of us can relate with. Have you ever just felt drained and tired! You couldn’t pin put why but you just felt a mood change. Here are some ways especially during quarantine that can cause you to just feel out of it.… Continue reading Habits That Drain Your Energy