About Me

I am happy you are here and have decided to learn more about me! It is with great pleasure to that my collection of posts have sparked an interest.  My name is Nikki and I am a freelancer who loves to blog. I enjoy all sorts of topics as you can see.  My posts can be inspiring, helpful, entertaining, political or random. Blogging to me is connecting with your audience on all sorts of subject matter. I have such a diverse following, that I choose to discuss a variety of topics.

I am from Chicago Illinois, born and raised.  I went attended North Central College here in Illinois graduating with a Bachelors of Communications in 2007.  During undergrad I interned at the local school radio station discussing hot topics and weather forecasts. This was the start of my interest in media.   I went on to work and intern for Comcast able for a few years as well. I continued on to earn my Masters of Business Administration in 2013 which helped me diverse myself in aspects of business.  I always wanted to expand my career in media but somehow my career seemed to excel more in Sales.  My passion to connect with others grew as I learned more about how fascinating it is to touch people through social media and blogging.  Its a great outlet.

Piink Diiva is like an alias you can say.  I enjoy the color piink. Its fun, girly. sexy, sassy, feminine and creative. It can come in all sorts of beautiful shades such as women and people. I use the work Diiva because it reflects confidence, Independence, strength and in control. You put the two together and you get a reflection of me, Piink Diiva. I hope my blog inspires others and just give you a fun place to come and connect with others.  Please stay in touch and follow me on social media if you will.

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