Our Biological Clock -Is it Ticking?

Ladies we all have heard the phrase, my Biological clock is ticking. For those that don’t know why it means, it refers to the age of your eggs or the age limit that your reproductive system has. We’re told as woman that the later you wait to get pregnant the harder it will be. Reason is that our eggs age like we do and they are not as strong or healthy to make a baby as when you are in your twenty’s. Science says that after you are 30 the healthy egg rates decline and therefore make it harder to become pregnant with a healthy child by 40. After 40, it declines rapidly. Many woman I know had their babies in there thirty’s and beyond so yes you can get pregnant and have a baby but there are the odds of this being harder depending on your reproductive health.

So to my ladies that have no children and want to get pregnant, is your clock ticking and how do you feel about people when they say you better hurry up if your over thirty??? Do you feel pressure to have a baby as a single woman if your not married?

I would say freeze your eggs but don get desperate and have a baby with just anyone. That can be a long road of trouble. Your eggs are good at the age of retrieval if you freeze them. That way when you are ready to get pregnant they are there and you can have a child with the right person. It is costly though but much worth the investment. Has anyone been trying to get pregnant over 30 and has trouble? Thanks for reading!!!!!


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