Do You Post Your Kids?

Social media is a place to connect, share stories, experiences and other parts of our life. There are some people that share a lot and those that share a little. How do we decide what is too much. Often times it’s normal to post special occasions, and some of our most intimate moments such as wedding, proposals, travel, birthdays and birth of our children. When is it going too far? What about posting picture of our children?

When we post on online and social media, it’s forever engraved within the online data and can be tracked forever. Yes you can always post and delete but in this day and age screenshots and saving pictures in a matter of minutes is easy. Yeah it’s just innocent children being put online to share your blessing with the world but is it really safe in a world of mass shooting, racism, mental health issues etc? Do you really want strangers and people you may not speak with outside of the internet to see and have access to your most prized possessing which in most cases is our children? I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes my child looks go adorable that I can’t wait to post a picture of her and let the world see, even those I haven’t spoke to since high school or ever that follows me. But what for? Typically the people we trust, have a relationship and family with we can email or text a picture or update right? So what’s the need for social media? I’m really bias with this but would be interested in knowing how many people feel it’s fine to post their children online and those that are a bit more private? Thank you for Reading!!!


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