Student Loan Debt Sucks!

I really think this is a topic that many of us wish could get more light shined on.  Its almost one of the worst financial crisis we have had since the mortgage issues and foreclosure disasters back in 2008.  We are told to graduate high school and go to college.  We spend 4 years preparing to invest in higher education so we can secure our future with a good paying job. Each year tuition goes up and student loan interest rates increase.  So the question I have is Student Loan Debt even freaking worth it? 


Many of us are not getting paid what we expected after college.  We have to balance student loan payments with other financial goals such as purchasing a house, starting a family, buying a car, going to Graduate school, traveling etc. I know many people who have student loans over 100,000 just to afford college and cannot afford the payments so they put the loans in forbearance or deferment just to make ends meet.  This sucks because all the loans are doing is drawing more interest making the amount owed way larger. 


So this makes me ask again, is it even worth it to go to college? You think okay if I get a blue collar job, I am only paid hourly. That’s not secure.  But on the other hand you wont have a bunch of loan debt following you that is never getting paid down.  With the increase in tuition, millennial leave college in mounds of debt with vary sheisty options. On the other hand, you go to college, and have the American dream of obtaining a degree, making a decent income, but also carry the mountain of debt with you if your way of paying for the degree was Financial aid or a Private Student Loan.  I figured it out, the government wants US to stay in Debt, this way they always having money coming in….that’s the only answer I can come up with. 

Yeah you can say well don’t borrow so much and make payment while in school etc.  What if you aren’t working while in school, what if Financial aid is your only means to paying for your education.  What if your parents made too much money and you had to get a private loan which is credit based like myself?  It sucks and even if you do get forgiveness, you must have a non for profit type position, that don’t pay all that great, such as teacher and social work etc.  I really hope they find a better way for education seekers to manage debt and better repayment options, or just forgiveness for everyone after they paid for so long. What is your thought on this topic, and do you have student loan debt that you wish would go away?


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