Dating After Covid

All I can say is it seem like it sucks! I can’t say I know personally because I am married. I have a lot of friend that are single and dating, and although it was hard before, it really seems challenging now. You have people ghosting, unsure about commitment, not clear on their intentions and all the above. What makes it different after Covid is that the world is promoting social distancing after years of social networking ring a daily way of life. Everything is media related these days so you can access so many people in the drop of a button. Covid has made it to wear now we have to wear masks in in door settings and you need to limit social gatherings so places like clubs, lounges and nightlife places are not the same due to entry limits and some people still aren’t comfortable visiting these settings. Well one thing is for sure it has changed and shifted society into a new direction. Maybe for better but I sure hope not for worst. What are your thoughts?


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