Think but don’t Over think!

This is the worst. When we over think we tend to cause ourselves anxiety and worry over all the things that cAn go wrong. many times we worry because we know something is out of our control. D have control we typically do not worry. Often times when we worry less we have a more optimal outcome. This is hard to do when your afraid of the outcome. It’s important to think ahead so you can plan or prepare for what may come. Overthinking will cause you to make up things and stress yourself. Are you an over thinker?

1 thought on “Think but don’t Over think!”

  1. I spoke with my husband about mindfulness the other day. He thought it was pure hog wash. I realized it was something we had never discussed from my last time in the ‘time out room.’. It has helped me with my obsessive thinking. If I can concentrate on how my little toe feels, I stop overthinking the meeting I’ll be in the next day.

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