Time to Keep It Real…RIP George Floyd, Breonna, Ahmad Aubrey….😡😞🥺

I really don’t like having to address these topics because it’s 2020 and it’s still A Topic. I find it important to speak out about this but honestly sometimes I just can’t find the words. It’s devastating the world we live in where cops can get away with murder. You fear, and hate a race so you feel privileged to take it upon yourself and strangle another human being due to your racist demonic feelings towards this black man. It’s disgusting! It’s outrageous! How can you trust a cop to serve and protect when they fear the very people they are suppose to protect?

Many of these cops do not deserve a badge. They are cowards. It doesn’t help that many are racist. Not all, there are good ops but lately it’s been disgusting to see how many black lives have been take. Honestly how can you hate a race enough to kill? If you don’t like someone that’s your right but to take a life and not get charged with the same repercussions as a murderer because your the police is crazy! How are you afraid or threatened by an unarmed person? I wish I could pray racism away…I wonder what GOD thinks of racists and how he handles these people in heaven?

8 thoughts on “Time to Keep It Real…RIP George Floyd, Breonna, Ahmad Aubrey….😡😞🥺”

  1. This kills my spirit, soul n body. Like what is our offence? Why enjoy watching a fellow being life leaves their body and then call it a medical term or lie about these heartless act? And they are been protected. All for having a different color. I’m really hurt.

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  2. Dion Johnson was also killed by police in my city too . A day before George Floyd . He was just sleeping in his car , and it pains me that my city has a similar problem .


  3. It’s so sad to say in order for this stop fight we have to fight back. Hurt them like they hurt us . I’m not a violent person but they can’t keep doing this to us !!

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