Hmmmm? Will He Look Back on This?

So I am scrolling on social media and I came across a recent picture of Dwayne Wade and his son, it looks like they are I. The c add r and Dwayne Wade has dyed his hair red and his son pink. I am all for the movement of supporting your kids and joining the band wagon if they need love and support with a transition in their life. But… we ever think about how these pictures will affect his son when he gets older? Right now he is a 12 year old kid that will get older and reflect after he reads the ridicule and judgement.

Is this a phase in his life? Will this be something he grows out of? Will he still want to be a transgender male when he gets older? If so, that’s is fine! We all are entitled to be who we are destined to be, but when it’s comes to kids, parent should take heed that they may grow out of this phase and these pictures will circle the internet forever. Is it worth the ridicule? I see what Mr Wade wants to do which is be a supportive dad but pictures like this may do more damage and emotional strain in the future if he one days realizes that’s not who we is or wants to be. What’s your thoughts?! Is this too much?

2 thoughts on “Hmmmm? Will He Look Back on This?”

  1. It seems like Dwyane and Gabrielle are doing this for attention. It’s one thing to support your child, but I don’t see the same treatment. What about his little girl? The Wade’s need to show public love to her too, of does that ruin their “perfect” image.

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    1. Hmmm so true. I never thought of that. Yes I see a lot of pics of the little girl online but not many with him. What about the older son? How is he affected? Kids get ridiculed for this type of stuff.


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