Its Alright not to have all the Answers……Really….its ok.

One of the hardest things for me to admit is that I may not have all the answers!  If you are like me I pretty much tread through life with no major issues until you have to learn to compromise and prepare for the big shit like marriage, children, financial struggles, setbacks etc. I was usually the friend that my peers came to for advice, and typically always seemed knowledgeable about alot.  There is a time that we can hit a cross road and not know where to go, or which direction to take.  This can cause anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, isolation, and just put you in a very dark space.


As I have got older and faced with more challenges its like a weight lifted to admit, I just may not know where to go from here, and to ask GOD for his guidance.  The scary part is sometimes we may not see his answer right away, GOD does not work off our timeline so we must be still and pay attention to his response.  That is usually to put us back on his original track before we drifted off making a “man made” decision. At this time, tell yourself, LORD, I don’t have the answer but I trust you will guide me through.


When you think you have all the answers, it can be a false sense of confidence. If everyone had all the answers, there would never be any mistakes made.  We learn from mistakes, at least we are suppose too.  We cant be so hard on ourselves, but when we relinquish the control, the unknown answer will come to us to lead us back on track. That’s LIFE! Thank you for Reading!

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