Is A Degree Worth it Anymore?

Oh that wonderful piece of paper that society has presented to the world as a career securer and foundation for employment.  You graduate high school, find a college to attend, and then finish with a degree which will open doors to financial security and opportunity, and a good job after completion right? Well what they fail to mention is that you will be in years of debt, potentially the rest of your life if you borrow student loans to assist with your tuition.  Now there are many factors to this that can potentially help, but it can also back fire.

When attending college most of us cannot pay out of pocket.  Lets be real, we are trying to start our career, so working is put on the back burner, and school becomes priority so we can get finished.  In return the odds of us paying out of pocket are slim in most cases.  This requires us to get financial assistance which is a student loan.  There are many out there but the most common is federal because its not income or credit based. All need based.  So 90% of American hold some form of loan debt regardless big or small.  Depending on the school you are attending will determaine the amount of debt you ill carry.  I am all for making payments out of pocket and only borrowing what you need.  Regardless, you will hold some form of debt.

Do we really get a return on investment?  In many cases yes! I myself hold a bachelors and Masters degree and make decent money in my career.  On the flip side, a large portion of my income goes to my student loan debt especially holding two degrees.  I know folks who make as much or more than me, and do not have loan debt.  Now granted, they can be one paycheck away from making that income because of not having the same job security, but a large part of their income does not go to loan debt. So it brings me to the questions, would it be more beneficial to try and start a small business after high school, take years to graduate college and not borrow any money?

Do degree really make a difference in today’s society?  Think about You-tubers or social media influencers who have started their own business, and get paid for ads or promotion?  There is so many ways to work for yourself these days, is school even worth it, or should we all learn based on experiences and networking?  What is your thoughts on this subject?


7 thoughts on “Is A Degree Worth it Anymore?”

  1. I asked myself the same question after graduating undergrad in 2013. I was extremely discouraged. Now, I’m currently a graduate student because I wanted to learn the technical side of writing. I ultimately want to start a business with this knowledge, which is the main reason I went back to school.

    If I could have started a successful business right out of high school, I definitely wouldn’t have gone to college. I could have saved some major bucks!

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    1. Yes! The dream is to work for ourselves, but if that does not happen, to be able to have less bills as possible, or at least minimize student loan debt. I hope they come up with something to help students because it really is ridiculous. I agree with education because it presents you with tools beyond day to day experience dealing with the corporate world but it can stifle us if we have a burden of debt
      the remainder of our life. Thank you for reading!

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  2. Very important question.

    I think it depends but the statistics of graduate earnings show that it’s not worth it. Many graduates are going into underpaid jobs. I think people should definitely reconsider whether going to university is the best option for their career.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I agree! If I could tell the old me I would paid out of pocket and took my time. Also start a side business in the process because same here many people with a bachelors degree that I l ow are under paid or doing something in a completely different field.

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  3. My degree is useless, and it really is useless unless you’re trying to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, work with children etc. Most of things don’t require a degree, and even then they still ask for experience, so you’re better of just starting early (unless it’s one the things I mentioned)

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