Top Ten Quarantine Queen Pet Peeves

Hey my quarantine queens and gents! Let’s face it, this may be our new normal for a while while we pray for a rapid cure or vaccine to this Corona Virus🤦🏽‍♀️. In the meantime there are just a few things you may or may not be able to relate with! Let’s get started. If your like me, I went to the beauty salon to get my hair styled every few weeks. I looked forward to that good old wash and blow dry. Well with the salons still closed in Illinois, my hair has been looking like a push for the past 3 months. Ladies especially my natural sisters, how many home made styles can we come up with, corn rolls, braids, top knots, buns! My bonnet has become my best friend! 😆

Next let’s talk about cooking! If you are like me, you been making breakfast lunch and dinner. For someone like my self who typically works outside the home, my only meal duty was dinner, now it’s all three 😈. Plus a toddler lol. I enjoy cooking at times but most time I Don’t lol. Ladies how are you holding up with the three meals a day?

Next, who actually gets fully dressed? Not I! If I do run out, my attire are legging and t shirt. If I don’t leave out the house, my attire is pajamas. I am starting to miss getting cute to go get cocktails with the girls! 💄🤷🏽‍♀️

What about you!!!! What else have you been use to as a quarantine queen? Thanks for reading!!!!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Quarantine Queen Pet Peeves”

  1. I can totally relate ! Well my mom is a hairdresser so she’s been doing my hair luckily. Butttt since the nail salons been closed I’ve been going through withdrawal. Cooking has been driving me nuts and I have a 2 month old who needs my attention every 2 hours . I think you should do a tutorial on a top knot bun so I can learn lol love this post!

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  2. Most annoying thing to me is probably grocery shopping . Its an in and out thing . But it does bug me when people just straight hoard things . Of course this has made me a bit more flexible with meal prep . No pasta , now I buy brands and pastas people don’t like . Like no one seems to like lentil pasta but its great lol As for hair , well I do my own with stuff I bought from Sally’s . And I’m a dog groomer so I just use my clippers on my fiance 😂😂

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      1. Oh yeah . Thats what my fiance’s grandfather uses too . His brother stays with him next door as well and works from home . Yeah like any little stuff like supplies or hair stuff , even shampoo we order online . It does help .

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