The New Normal

It’s crazy! Who would have thought that we would be living through a Pandemic! Yeah we all know we have an idiot for a president who care about no one but himself, and has the nerve to want to lead a country. I can’t wait until he is put out of office and we actually get someone who cares about the American people. The reality is, what if this is the new normal?

Working from home being a requirement of more business, limited people eating in a restaurant or only pic up or delivery of food? Hell what if we have to wear masks daily moving forward even after the vaccine? Kids going back to school with small classes or E learning? Colleges having more online classes than Campus courses! A lot of uncertainty but I guess we may have to adjust.

I think for those who take this pandemic seriously it will allow you to see what matters. Family and safety first. It also test your relationships with your loved ones. You have to find your purpose through all of this! 💖 Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “The New Normal”

  1. Crazy to say but I’m getting used to all of this . Even though I go back to work June 1st . I still have to wear a mask and everything like that. It’s just crazy how we wake up one day and a virus is out and now our lives have changed . 😫

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  2. Its so tricky . My job was more or less animal care , working as a groomer , but I work for myself so I pretty much stay home. At this time in my life I would like to explore other venues , when it comes to employment , difinately working from home , since my fiance’s grandfather lives next door to us and we check on him alot . So that means we both have to watch where we go and try to isolate as best we can . I don’t think my current state that I live in is taking it as seriously as they should.They opened up dinig areas in restaurants and I drive by and see these places packed . It definitely makes me nervous to think that we may not be cleared at all .

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  3. This IS the new norm. Our law firm is not returning to the office until August. I worry about relying on the media to give us accurate information about COVID-19. They need us back at work so the media will now focus on the recoveries. Of course, I am more of a cautious person. Working from home is bittersweet, on one hand I miss being in my office with some peace from my kids but on the other hand I don’t wanna put on clothes lok

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