Habits That Drain Your Energy

Hey loves I wanted to reach out and discuss a topic that many of us can relate with. Have you ever just felt drained and tired! You couldn’t pin put why but you just felt a mood change. Here are some ways especially during quarantine that can cause you to just feel out of it.

1. Over thinking

This is the worst and I do it all the time. Especially when your unsure about something. What I’ve learned is that overthinking can cause anxiety and make things appear that are not there. It’s good to think ahead which is important. But there is a difference between ahead and over thinking. It makes you anxiety ridden and think irrational. It’s best not too over think especially when something hasn’t happened or showing signs of something bad happening.

2. Inconsistent sleeping patterns

Sleep is vital to our health. Adults should get at least 6-8 hours a sleep per night to rejuvenate the body. A lot of us don’t get that much sleep or cannot relax. They say the older you get, the less sleep your body gets. It’s important to turn off and try to detach from social media, internet, work, kids should be in bed so you can just relax and rest.

3. Eating Junk Food

When your stressed it’s easy to grab a snack to sooth your self or feed in to that craving. Sometime fruit doesn’t cut it so we grab that cookie, or ice cream. Everyone and then it’s totally fine to treat yourself to a sweet but you also want to have a balance of fruit and veggies to offset all the sugar. I love sweet snacks so I totally can relate.

4. Living in the Past

This can be a headache. Learning when to let go and move on is vital to your happiness. When you relive a moment in your life that was terrible or stressful it keeps your mind hostage. In order to move on you have to let go of regrets and let go of the past. This can be hard after a break up, passing of a love one, lay off, divorce or just replaying what you could have done in a situation that your no longer apart of. Learn from the lesson, let go and move on to the next phase and challenge of your life.

5. Negative People

This has to be another worst. Speaking with someone that is always looking at the downside to things. A negative Nancy that sounds miserable and can take yo to the dark place with them. When your happy you speak positive thought, which manifest positive things in your life. Negativity can make you bitter and alone. That is my pet peeve. If your not supportive and able to look at things half full then you need to be by your self. Keep distance from those people.


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