Are we the Same After Motherhood?

The answer for me is yes and no.  Motherhood  is one of the best blessing that God can allow, but it is also one of the most self sacrificing as well.  When they say you give up some of the things you use to do, as the mother it is especially true.  Now dont get me worng, there are some women not willing to do this, so you see stress on the relationship they have with their kids.  If your a good mom, you sacrifice some of your old selfish ways such as partying regularly, you will spend time with family more, financial investments will be in the best interest of your children and you become more nurturing.  Growing in these ways cause you to change and put your needs on the back burner into you are 100% comfortable in motherhood, or have alot of help from friends and family.

I know for me personally, I am the same person as far as personal goals, wants and needs since having my daughter.  I changed because I am more giving to her, and selfless with my time. Its a struggle for some women at first, so this is where the post par-tum kicks in when you realize your life is no longer your for 18 years.  The rewards are endless though.  Unconditional love from a human you carried 9 months.  Nothing compares. They teach you about the innocence of life as well as challenge you as a mother. Whats your opinion, do you feel like you have changed since having kids, or will change when you become a mother? Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Are we the Same After Motherhood?”

  1. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I needed to change and become new. I’m definitely no where near who I used to be and it’s the best thing that ever happened. I struggled with severe postpartum and even thoughts of harming my baby. But Halal Hayah, Yah brought me over and I learned to love the tough parts as much as the smooth ones.
    I can’t wait to have more!💙

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    1. Yes! Its a challenge. I am past the post partum stage now, my daughter is 13 months but I do have days where I feel like my husband has more freedom than me when I am staying at home with the baby to sacrifice for her. I had it pretty bad when she was newborn because we are sleep deprived and our weight is not where we want it after baby. It took some time to get back to myself, but I can say I am there, although I do fall back into post partum time to time. It can last a while.

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  2. I am a proud mother of three and must say that my kids have changed my life in many good ways – when I am multi-tasking I feel like an octopus sometimes, and I’ve surprised myself with saintly patience many a time and overall, I feel the richest woman on earth for the treasure of my children.

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  3. Motherhood was never the same for me after I had my son. I wanted more for him than I ever wanted or saw for myself. I then came to understand that the best thing I could do for him is to teach him about God, trusting that if I trained him up in the way he should go when he gets old he will not depart from it.

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  4. Self-sacrificing is definitely the word to describe motherhood; life becomes about your kids. But we have to remember that in order to give them your best, you have to be at your best. 2019 for me was a year of self re-discovery and I started hiking to get some clarity about where my life went (because it goes by fast after marriage and kids). It was a good time to cry, laugh get angry and try to find out who Momma Rector is now. I didn’t “leave” per se, but I took a lot of hikes alone, started going to counseling and had quiet time in my room which was different for me. People look at me and call me Wonder Woman but they don’t know the effort and time put into being a mother and wife. I love being a mother, but I had to remember to love me too! Things have been sooo amazing now that I’ve taught myself not to feel guilty about taking that hike, or having a girls night out. My kids are more engaged with me also.

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    1. Tha k you for sharing! Yes I can say it really does change you. I think for the better. We have to remember to take time out for us as mothers and wives and I am happy to hear you found a way to do that. It’s truly a second job. I have a toddler so my life is busy but I would t change it for the world. I prayed for my baby. Had her via IVF and I would never complain about being her mother. She is my life. But I do realized the importance of balancing! Thank you for reading.


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