Really?! Dwayne Wade ‘s Son Wants to Be A Girl at 12???

Why? I don’t understand how people are supporting this young man at the age of twelve identifying himself as a girl.  Going as far as changing his name to Zaya?  Its insane to me because at twelve years old, your mind is not even developed enough to make that type of decision. Twelve year old children should not be able to make a life changing decision at such a young age.  I am all n support of being there for your child’s wants and needs if they enjoy girl toys or activities.  But when it come to identifying, changing of the name and making a media fool out of my child, I cant agree with.  I understand someone that is a teen maybe even an adult who has experienced a few things even understand the potential discrimination and back lash that comes with that lifestyle, but twelve years old, isn’t right. I feel like the media is making a mockery out of the Wade’s.

Black men are already emasculated based on racism and stereotypes so now we are promoting a movement of young black boys to go into the world and act like girls. I see that picture of Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union standing up there cheesing while their son “Zaya” unknowingly feels excited to come out and be “accepted by the world.” He cant be ready for the ridicule and back lash that’s to come.  I think the right thing to do is give the boy time, not support him in a name and sex change.  He is too young.  The mind has not experienced or developed enough.  Why is he wearing fake nails? Whats next?

I am a supporter of the gay community and support freedom of choice but when it comes to children, NO! Wait live a bit more before you put everything on front street. I am sure the media is eating this up. Yes I have heard that many in the LGBT communities knew they were different at a certain age, but there is a reason they come out as adults- your mind has to experience and develop to be certain.  I just cant agree that 12 years old is enough.  What are your thought? Thanks for Reading!

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18 thoughts on “Really?! Dwayne Wade ‘s Son Wants to Be A Girl at 12???”

  1. It’s really tragic but what more can we expect from the elite poop eaters? They have their agenda and they WILL push it.
    What I don’t understand, is people’s inability to accept an effeminate male. He may like mail polish, dolls, and pop, but it doesn’t mean he is homosexual or transsexual. It just means he is a feminine male. Good grief.

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    1. I agree! There is nothing wrong with his interest but why does he have to be a girl to do these things. Let him be a boy! Tha’ts what he was born as, male. Let him grow to determine what he wants to do as a man, regardless if he like feminine things. There is a “term” called Metro Sexual and its ok!

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  2. I usually do not comment. The media is not making a mockery out of the Wade’s. They made the decision to share this with the world and they are reaping what they sowed. The good and the bad. I pray for their family and ask that God will open up their spiritual eyes. God is not the author of confusion. He clearly states in His Word that He will not be mocked. (Galatians 6:7) It’s clear that that household is out of order. Giving a young child under the age of 18 the freedom to make a decision like that is sad and destructive.

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    1. Yes! Well said and I am praying for them as well. They did not have to disclose this and project him to future scrutiny at such a young age. The world can be cruel and you have to protect at all costs. The media will eat this young black boy alive. We may not know but we will face backlash because majority of society as not accepted this, especially with children.

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  3. I feel like I might the outsider on your blog but I have to disagree with you. I think it’s amazing that they are supportive and accepting of this individual’s choice to identify as a female. I’m a strong Christian woman and I feel like my opinions will get me in trouble, but I also see the ramifications of the opposite as a person who works with children. She is old enough at 12 to know how she feels in her own body – yes I am going to use the pronoun she as that is what she identifies with. Children are so much more mature now than when I was younger. They have access to more support and more resources than ever before. I think it’s great that this family is supporting their child. I don’t pay attention to the media surrounding celebrities that much so I can’t speak to that aspect of it, but for the choice to support and love this child, I think it’s amazing.

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    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion. I respect it but can’t agree. Society has shaped a lot of our thoughts and the media will find any way to exploit or keep talks around putting peoples lives on the for front. I feel like this is what’s happening with Mr Wades son. Why does he have to be a girl to like or enjoy toys or activities related to girls? Why can he be Zion? Children are smart but not mature. Maturity comes with experience and responsibility. He hasn’t lived long enough to understand the backlash he will face. He still looks at things from a kids mind. His parents are supporting him yes but they understand what comes with this so why Project him to this at a young age? I can’t agree and as a Christian as well it’s not right. I believe if he was older o could respect it but at twelve he should be watching cartoons, learning, activities, sports etc. not projected in the media wearing fake nails, belly tops and the leader of the kids LGBT community.

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    2. Please define “strong Christian woman.” What would the basis of that assessment be? Your way of thought directly contradicts the Creator-Saviour you claim to be serving. If you make a stand for Christianity, be truthful. And rather base your life upon God’s game rules and not your opinions. Opinions are just that.

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    3. Interesting that you stated you are a strong Christian woman. If you are reading and studying your Bible as a strong Christian woman. You have to know that what the Wade’s are doing are against the Word of God. It’s also interesting that you made the comment that you believe that your opinions will get you in trouble. (That’s the Holy Spirit) He dwells inside of us and He will convict us when we are wrong and going against the Word of God. As a strong Christian woman…your comments are saying that God made a mistake when he made that child a boy. I’m praying for you as well because you as a Christian should know better.

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  4. I’m a father and a grandfather and I’m glad I never had to deal with this in my own family. I’m not at all sure that I would have handled it well. I had that old fashioned macho thing that it was my job to teach my boys to be men, and that’s what I did. If one of mine had turned out gay or trans or whatever, I wouldn’t have loved them any less, but that wasn’t my agenda and I would have struggled with it in my own heart.

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  5. 12 years you can’t legally marry or drink and smoke, can’t get a license- you are considered a minor. Being a kid and enjoying being young comes with so much freedom and innocence, something you can never get back. I don’t understand how a minor can make such decisions. I know sexuality is complex and LGBT know from a tender age that they are different. Embrace every stage and phase, by all means. But this, this? I have never seen a white family headlining their minor’s sexuality all over media quiet like this. It raises a few questions indeed.

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  6. Couldn’t agree with you more . It’s sad how all these young people think they are a different gender and their parents are supporting it. I get that he’s gay in his 12 year old mind but I feel that as his parent or parents they needed to talk to him more about his decision that he’s making . Just will have to continue to pray for the whole family . I’m not against gays at all people are who they are but I just feel he’s too young right now to pick that.

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    1. Thank you Chaz! Well said. I agree 100%. Realistically a child is too immature minded to know exactly the type of decision that is when it comes to gender and changing whom God created you. As parents I feel they allowed it to happen too early. I’m praying for them as well! 😌

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