March Current Faves List

Hello Loves! I wanted to switch the script and do a monthly favorites post on some of my top products and items.  I love when people showcase new and cool items so that way I can expand my knowledge on products that I haven’t tried yet. SO LETS GET STARTED!

  1. Bath & Body Aroma Therapy – Stress Relief Body Wash and Lotion

This duo smells great for starter and feels refreshing in the shower and after.  I like a clean scent, and this line makes you feel and smell great.  Their aroma therapy line is great because it gives you a light soothing aroma that is not overbearing but helps you relax.  You can check them out at your local Bath & Body Works store.

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2.  Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

If your like me, I am not into wearing lashes – just personal preference although they look great on many. I personally didn’t like the way I looked with them so I chose to go with a lash lengthening mascara that can give me the illusion of falsies.  This does the trick.  The mascara has a lengthening feature that elongates your lashes and gives volume as well. Well worth the money if you want a mascara to really add definition to the eye and give the look of lashes. You can purchase at your local Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom or Von Maur stores.


3. Star Bucks Caramel Machiato – I am a coffee fan but I don’t like your basic traditional non flavored coffee. I use to drink White Chocolate Mocha, but after reviewing the calories I decided to switch for something leaner.  I refuse to continue drinking 450 cal coffee on a regular basis. Its very good but between the whip cream and chocolate syrup that’s an easy 400 calories.  I switched over to the Caramel Machiato which is only 60 calories and has a great taste. Its not overly sweet but still gives a hint of flavor.


4. Bobbi Brown Glow Cream – Extra Illuminating Face Balm

I love this stuff although pricey.  Its great to put under your foundation to provide a smooth natural look or wear alone to give a subtle glow.  I use it time to time to have a fresh face over my moisturizer and makes my skin look amazing. I am a minimal make up type of girl so this comes in handy when I want to get a nice glow with my make up. You can purchase at your local Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Von Maur.


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