How Long Should You Wait For A Ring?

This has been a huge discussion for many years amongst single women. For those that are married I’m sure we all had different opinions from others on how long a woman should stay in a relationship with a man without a marital commitment. I always was a huge believer that a man knows if he will marry you or not within the first year.

The reason I believe this to be true is that like any human the male species has feelings. Some of less emotional than others but all men has heart strings. When a woman comes into their life and pulls on these heart strings, the right woman can make a man commit. Now let’s be honest, not all marriages are meant to be or are formed in the best unions. How do I know? Well there wouldn’t be this act called divorce of so.

Ladies do you think that a man knows if he will propose or make you a wife? What’s the ideal time to stay in a committed relationship without a marital commitment? I also think it depends on age as well. The older we are and more experience we develop, we are less likely to play games or waste time on something short term. 3-5 years seems like more than enough time to determine those next steps. What’s your thoughts on this discussion?


4 thoughts on “How Long Should You Wait For A Ring?”

  1. I was literally chatting with my sister about this and her answer was “No delay if they are really the one for you”. She met her husband in the last year of university and he told her she would be his wife very soon. My sister laughed so hard and today they have been married for 12years. He proposed 6months after they met and got married 9months into their relationship. 😊 A man doesn’t need to waste time once you are the one and a lady doesnt need to sell herself short or settle for less just because she wants to please

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    1. Yes! I tell my single friends this all the time. Whether the marriage works long term or not when a man is ready he will propose and take that chance with a woman he is interested in. Don’t give these fools three or more of your years without commitment.

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  2. Upon meeting and dating you he knows within a few weeks or sometimes days if he ‘wants’ to marry you. It doesn’t take years for a man to make up his mind.

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