Do Womens Standards Lower As They Get Older?

I want to share a video from YouTube discussing dating and relationships. This video was a complete disaster because it shows the mindset of some women and if you listen, you can hear what’s holding them back from having successful relationships. Mind you, all these women look about 30 and over….all not married. Hmmmm🤔what’s your thoughts. Click the link below:

3 thoughts on “Do Womens Standards Lower As They Get Older?”

  1. So I watched the first 3 minutes and as a 32 year old who is currently single, I have to agree that there is a difference between type and standards. And I don’t think I have a type either like I definitely like taller guys but it’s not a must, chocolate men but it’s not a must, nothing is a must, but I definitely have standards! But as I’ve gotten older, I have only raised my standards lol I didn’t really start to date until I was almost in my 30’s but still! My standards just keep rising. I know what I want and what I deserve. But my type keeps expanding.

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    1. I totally understand. I got married at 33 and def had a type and a standard which made it even harder to date. It’s hard around the board and even being married people grow apart and have to work hard to evolve together. Honestly superficial things start not to matter. Keep your standards but open up on your type. You will be quite surprised who you have more in common with than you think. Thanks for reading!!❤️🙏

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