Ways to DeClutter Your Life~

I wanted to share a few ways that can help declutter your life. Stress can be avoided at times when we evaluate what’s right and what doesn’t belong. Hopefully some of what’s listed below will help someone who needs to declutter!

Let go of those friends where you are always initiating the time or communication. There’s a reason they are not reaching out to you. We make time for what’s a priority and important to you. Fall back. Let go of limiting your options. Negativity is a nasty disease. We can speak these things into existence so make sure what you put out into the atmosphere is positive results. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. Buy clothes that make you feel good. Revamp. Quit living by others expectations of you. Learn yourself and be true to you. Pleasing everyone will make you insane. Let go of past hurt. That’s baggage and you can never be happy when you carry ill feelings with you. Work through it and let it go! We have to learn to let go of trying to control the moment! We are not in control only how we respond to it. Probably one of the hardest life lessons to man. I hope this helps someone! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Ways to DeClutter Your Life~”

  1. So true. So true. I especially appreciate your mention of the power of words. There is definitely life and death in the power of the tongue. And, I’ve recently made a more conscious pledge to be very careful about the things that I verbalize. I firmly believe that we can realize more positive experiences in our lives by carrying the right attitude, outlook, and mindset and by speaking fruitful words. I always enjoy coming across others who understand the weight words hold and know the power they possess. Keep the encouragement coming.

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