Lauren London ~Stronger

This video shows Lauren’s first appearance after the untimely passing of her husband Nipsey Hussle…very well put together piece of art. Click the link below to view:

4 thoughts on “Lauren London ~Stronger”

  1. I’m happy she’s stronger through all this BUT IM TIRED OF CELEBS THINKING THEY’RE THE ONLY ONES SUFFERING A LOSS. The news and most celebs could care less about the Average Joe and Jill’s loss or struggle they’ll just go on vacation oversees on a yacht somewhere. I loss my cousin by murder but she wasn’t on TV or magazine. I’m just sayin’

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    1. That’s real. You think about all the average people who go through the same thing everyday but don’t get a multi million dollar partnership to wipe away her tears, but to her defense Nipsey put in work for years to get his family and friends where they are today and it’s only right to keep going to carry on his legacy🤷🏽‍♀️


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