Did The Universe Hear You?

Yes! It always hears you and listens. I’m a firm believer the spirit followed what we desire and our actions lead us to this. The universe will put us in a position to attract subconsciously what we have asked for if we pay attention. Now we aren’t promised it will come to us exactly the way we envisioned, but I am a firm believer you get what you asked for. It’s important to trust and be patient because GODS plan is more fruitful than mans wants and desires. Stay faithful and prayerful in the wait but all ways be careful and patient with what you ask for. Thanks for reading and Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Did The Universe Hear You?”

  1. This is a good one. Stay true to this believe and you will be alright on this plane and the next. Everything has a design that is how HE made it to be that is why patience is a virtue. Keep your heart open and all that you need will flow in as it should be.

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        1. Yes it’s really good and talks about how to control your thoughts. You may be able to find a free copy if you google it as well. Sometimes the are snippets of the book online. ❤️

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