Being A Mom Is A Sacrifice 🤯

It’s one of the most joyest things to ever be done. Creating life is a blessing and amazing at the same time. It’s also one of the most hardest life transitioning things ever. As hard as you try to have your old life, a bit of you knows it can never be the same.

I remember being able to go out and have night time fun without worrying about a babysitter, or feel guilty that I’m leaving my child. It’s almost as if that angel in your shoulder says, noooo you need to have your child in bed and home at a certain time. So the night life plan gets scrapped. If your like me, I don’t just leave my 9 month old babysat by anyone. You have to be family and I have to trust you. My mother in law will babysit but she stays far and my mom already babysits during the week so I don’t want to overkill her. I try not to ask on weekends to babysit for us.

You really do give up your time and commit to the well being of your children, if your a good mom in my opinion. It’s a new life you must embrace. Accept that your life is shared by a little person who depends on you. This is ok. You will be ok. Thank you for reading!!!! 💓💞

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