For Those That Need to Hear This……πŸ™


3 thoughts on “For Those That Need to Hear This……πŸ™”

  1. I LIKE!!! My child’s father and I had a messy split I caught him cheating of course he blamed me and was mad because i wouldn’t believe his nonsense enough to take him back. He filed for custody on the down low took my child from to this day. I pay him support although he makes more than me. I don’t mind tho because she’s my child and i will take care of her REGARDLESS OF THE COST..!!! Instead of giving up i focused on my relationship with Jesus and allowing Him to heal my heart from hurt and betrayal caused by my ex. I learned over time to OWN MY PART IN MY HURT, REPENT TO THE LORD for my sinful behaviors of my past and EMBRACED MY SINGLENESS. I brought myself a ring, I wore it on my left ring finger as ask Jesus to be my husband until He matures me enough to send the husband He’s had for me all along. I wore the ring on my finger until Feb of this year when MY HUSBAND KNOCKED ON MY APT DOOR POURED OUT HIS HEART TO ME I CALL HIM DAVID BECAUSE LIKE KING DAVID IN THE BIBLE HE WAS A MAN AFTER GOD’S ❀. MY DAVID IS A MAN AFTER MY HEART. We got married recently and will have another ceremony next weekend!!! I COSIGN THIS POST IT ALL APPLIED TO ME THANK GOD FOR BENEFITING FROM MY PAIN!! HEYYYYYY

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