Recession Proof Careers for 2020!

Let’s face it, we all want a career that we enjoy and is recession proof! We have no clue when a recession is going to hit, but one things for sure it happens time to time and can take a financial toll on people. Let’s looks at a few Careers that are going no where no time soon.

1. Nursing – one things for sure, people will continue to become ill, and have babies. What’s needed for both…nurses. Although not everyone has an interest in the medical field, your bound to have a better chance of finding and keeping a job in this field.

2. Computer Science – With the reliance on computers and the World Wide Web, those who can fix, install, build and program computers are assets to any company. IT has always been a booming field and you can just about find an IT department anywhere. Although it takes years of school or just a genuine interest in technology, your bound to be able to bounce back after a lay-off with these skills.

3. Dentist- even through a recession the teeth will still need cleaning and repaired. Dental work is needed for people of all ages. This profession is valuable to human life so those that practice dentistry will always be of value. Sure a few years of dental school and certifications is well worth the investment.

4. Doctor – I know it’s seems like the medial field trumps recession but let’s be honest, it’s the only thing that’s guaranteed we will need the remainder of our life on earth.

5. Journalist- How many journalist have you actually heard of being laid off. Yes many have quit or were fired but laid off….not many. Why? They keep people I tune with what’s going on around the world and informed. This is a vital career.

What are some other recession proof careers for those inquiring mind?😳Thanks for sharing!!!!


4 thoughts on “Recession Proof Careers for 2020!”

    1. Yes well put!!!! I love the message- pretty much any job that can’t be replicated by a machine. These days they are trying anything to save money such as having a robot take our orders at McDonald’s and robots take our payments when we call the cable company 😂

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