Racism Is An Ugly Disease 🤦🏽‍♀️

It really makes you think how and why are things like this. When I say this, I mean a divide of races. It’s a fact that we are all the human race of course. We all need air to breathe, water to drink, sleep to have energy, food to survive and many of the essential requirements of life. These requirements do not discriminate. They are needed to all humans no matter race. The fact is we all bleed. We all feel and we all cut the same. Where did we develop the mindset that one race is better than others?

When you think of life, you think of a place to enjoy and take advantage of the many blessings. Unfortunately in the early years there were things that took place to people for the color of their skin such as racism. These thoughts have been passed down and although physical slavery may not exist the same way, mental slavery is just as powerful. Mental slavery is having control over a culture by judgement, avoidance, fear, rejection, isolation and death. These are things that many minorities experience today! In 2019 you would think that this would be a thing of the past but it really is not.

Why can’t we erase racism? Why can’t white peoples not fear other races? Why not take each person for who they are and understand their circumstance before judgement? I can ask a million whys but I know my whys won’t change the though process of people. What are your thought? Thanks for Reading!!

5 thoughts on “Racism Is An Ugly Disease 🤦🏽‍♀️”

  1. Unfortunately as a black person i feel we’re using the racism card entirely too much these days. Everything that happens to us good or bad is not all about racism. WE ACTUALLY COMMIT CRIMES OURSELVES and mistreat other races with such disdain and discontent labeling them as racist out of pure ignorance and hate, calling ever other race in America all kinds of derrogatory names then ready to fight when the name calling is reciprocated. How hypocritical is that? Our black men mistreat and disrespect us through music and tv daily we discriminate between light skinned blacks and darker skinned blacks. Our men are killing us, our kids, and each other FOR NOTHING and yet we cry racism to detract from the real problem. We can be just as racists as white people. FYI not all white people are racists we hate being labeled so we shouldn’t label them. White people have been and will continue to be my closest friends they’ve supported me when black people wouldn’t give me the time of day. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, it’s just not what it’s being portrayed in the news or by peoples mouth. That’s what i think how about you? My child has multi ethnicities she gotten bullied by more black girls than white girls over the years so WE BLACKS CAN BE RACIST TOO

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    1. I totally agree. But where and how did blacks people get to this? Was it from our past that we can’t let go? Mental slavery? I agree with that we are biggest enemy but black folks didn’t wake up with this mentality back in the slave age. So the context is that it’s a disease that has spread like wildfire through decades and may never go away.


  2. We got this way by becoming complacent and lazy with our current situations placing blame on everybody BUT US then we turn around start whining and complaining about how we’re being mistreated by the world. We got this way by calling lighter skinned children names because of their bloodline as if they had anything to do with being born. The darker skinned blacks have always felt inferior to lighter skinned girls it started in slavery between the field N****r and house N***r for lack of better word and it continues to this day. We as black people must clean up our own yard before shaming another man’s yard. If we want to stop discrimination WE MUST STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST OTHERS. INCLUDING OUR OWN RACE. Real change starts at home in your heart with help from Jesus we must take resonsibility of our own bad behaviors and stop blaming white people. We are responsible for educating ourselves not just relying on info from the news and the HOOD. Black people need to just STOP WITH THE CRAP and do what we need to do for the next generation to make better choices and fewer excuses. Let the church say Amen

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  3. Some who shout the loudest tend to be the most racist, yet they believe that only one race can be racist. And that’s not their race, conveniently.

    As long as such racists remain as they are, dim-witted at that, we have no hope of kissing and making up.

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