Child Support And The Court

I had a discussion not to long ago about child support. It was a male to be exact. He mentioned that woman abuse the child support system. He feels many woman put the man on child support out of spite. He feels child support is a way to punish the man. If a man is taking care of his children and involved in their life, two parents should be able to communicate and co parent together regardless if they are together or not. It becomes about the best interest of the child. He feels this is not the case with a bitter mother.

Child support is to make sure the children are taken care of by the parent who had full custody. Everyone’s income is different so there is no guarantee what type of home the child is being raised in. This differed person to household. Child support ensures that there is some form of additional money to the parent who has full custody. In an ideal situation, two mature adults can come together and form some agreement of payment or bill payments without emotions or feelings involved. Why? Because it’s about the children at this point. Some women have decided not to put the man or at times woman on child support for whatever reason. There are many who do and have because they don’t want to deal with the man, or the father doesent want to do his part financially. Anytime the courts are involved it can get ugly and expensive. It’s just an all around ugly experience to have a child or children with someone you no longer respect. It’s best to work together, make life easier and come up with a plan to best financially take care of the children. Thanks for reading! What do you think?


16 thoughts on “Child Support And The Court”

  1. I get child support for my son from his dad, my ex husband. In Texas, the state mandates an amount per child, according to the ex’s income. My ex makes a lot of money. So I get “the max” for my son which is $1710 per month. When I add up all that I spend on my 15 year old son, this pretty much covers it. BUT…when it’s birthday or Christmas or vacation or (coming soon) time for his own car, my child support doesn’t cover it so I ask my ex for an additional $200 here $400 there. He goes berserk! He’ll say “but I already GIVE YOU $1710 a month!” Then I’ll be like “GIVE ME? I think what you mean is you contribute that amount TOWARDS RAISING OUR SON”. Psshht! He thinks I’m out buying myself a new Gucci bag every month on his money!

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    1. Yeah they think you spend it on you but what they don’t understand is the kids, eats, needs clothes, gets sick, need activities, hair cuts, and the list goes on. Medical bills!!! School things! Etc.

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  2. Hey lady i have firsthand knowledge of child support issues my child’s father took me to court and won custody from me out of spite. I’m still paying current and back support to this day. He had me locked up for not paying the full amount a couple times i wasn’t able to pay at those times. Women and men can be SPITEFUL AND CHILDISH concerning support and the best interest of the child after a break up. My child is suffering the consequences now from being taken from me back then. Her dad surprised me when he filed for custody out the blue and I’m having to clean up his mess by over compensating her with love and support he’s still not giving her after 12 years. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, that’s what I think what about you?

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    1. Wow sorry to hear that someone would do that. Unless your a bad mother no man should take a daughter from their mother. I don’t know the whole story so I won’t judge but when money is involved people can be very spiteful!

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      1. My child was well taken care of he told me many times how great a mother i was until I caught him cheating and broke up with him. Men are worse than women concerning revenge he had the money to pay the best attorney and a spouse willing to lie to the courts along with him. That’s why i lost custody. I’ve never been in trouble with the law I’m a veteran of the army and has only smoked marijuana to cope with PTSD THRU MILITARY SEXUAL TRAUMA and incest from my uncle and father other than that there’s nothing to warrant me losing custody. Thank you for your concern it’s appreciated

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    2. That’s terrible! My ex threatens me all the time with taking my son away but it’s so dumb because our son is 15 and in our state a child can choose where to live at age 12. What an awful thing for him to do. I’d be tempted to seek a little karma on him if you know what I mean!

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  3. Wow, I’m now learning that women pay child support too. Well paying child support is not a thing here, here a parent whether the mother or father can just leave without a dime, maybe if taken to court there’d be something of the sort but people don’t have money to waste on court proceedings so…
    What I know about child support has been from movies and what’s portrayed all the time is the father’s paying so had no idea it’s about who has custody.. very informative for me.👍🏾

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    1. I was just as surprised to see so many women in jail for child support both black and white women. I didn’t have a problem paying support its just the way he did it without discussing it with me ( filing custody). He paid me support monthly until we moved in together so it was nothing for me to pay him.

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  4. My story is that my ex abandoned his son 8 years ago. He didn’t abandon me, our marriage had already ended years before. I have no reason to be spiteful or vindictive but when 2 adults bring a child into the world, they are both jointly responsible for the raising of that child. I live in the UK where they don’t seem to care whether absent parents financially support their children or not. I received yet another letter a few weeks ago saying that my ex now owed me around £5000 is child support arrears. This man goes out of his way to avoid paying a penny support for his child, he does this by job jumping. This is a tried and tested loophole for non paying parents. As soon as an attachment to their earnings is set in place, they leave that employment and find another. The UK system is too slow in dealing with non paying parents, it takes around 6 months for the attachment to earnings process to be completed, leaving the non payer free to not pay, then the cycle begins again with a new employer. sorry for the rant… I just needed to get that off my chest haha

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    1. Thank you for sharing! Yes it’s the same drama in the US, the easiest way to avoid paying is to job hop. Or quit. It’s crazy to see that this happens everywhere. I never been to the UK and would love to visit. I saw a few movies on Netflix that were produced in the Uk and it seems like the same issues are there that are in the US just maybe not as large of a platform as the US.

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    2. Its the same in America the men have been told by uncle sam massa to abandon your children and their mothers leaving her to teach her son how to be A WOMAN instead of a Man and spread their seed all over the place leaving a generational curse of never ending dependence on welfare by way of Uncle Sam Massa the government then black politions will come behind the government spewing the same lies under the RACISM UMBRELLA calling out THE MAN for his policies of slavery and ségrégation while making sure we slowly vote our rights away while trying to help make our lives better . Theyre doing the white mans biddin far as im concerned.

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      1. I agree! I don’t think any politicians, black or white, have people’s best interests at heart. They’re all a bunch of phoney stuffed shirts in it for themselves! Go to YouTube and search “Candace Owens” she’s a bright young mind in our country and she speaks the truth to us white people as well as black people. I’d vote for her!!!

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