The Importance of Mental Health

This has been a topic in the media lately.  Let me know if you agree. There has been quite a few celebrity’s in the past few years committing suicide.  When you think of a celebrity lifestyle with fame, fortune and money, an average person such as myself would feel like whats there to be sad and depressed about?  I guess the saying is true, More Money More Problems. You never really know until your in the situation what comes along with it.

Mental Health – a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

In my opinion, mental health begins as a child.  Your experiences, and environment shapes you as you grow into your own.  When we become adults we either run from our past or repeat it because this is all we know.   Many children are exposed to things that have hurt their mental health and never received any treatment for it, so this behavior they are accustom to becomes normalized. What tends to happen is we gravitate to those who have had similar experiences because they are relate-able, and repeat a cycle which could be abusive relationships, drugs, promiscuity, crime etc. Kids look up to those closest to them which could be a parent, sibling, family member, friend.  Sometimes and in many cases these folks aren’t the best example, so what tends to happen is this child, now an adult grows up to believe that those experiences are normal, and this shows love.  In other cases there are children who vear the other way and do everything in their power not to repeat a generational cycle and go another route.  Many of these children have some form of mentor, or person in their life they pay attention to that may have overcome adversity, or find something to break the cycle for them such as getting a good education, using a talent, moving away and living with family members more stable etc.  

Mental Health affects you as an adult in many ways because what you feel and think can determine your decision making in life.  These thoughts and feelings are the driver of positive and negative energy. Your mental health can cause you to act out, or make rash decisions you cannot change later.  Many of these decisions not only hurt you, but others you care about. If mental health is not taken seriously, there is a large increase in crimes, murders, and abuse. Erratic behavior and episodes are prime examples that their could be something mentally not stable with a person. The answer is not always medication because the downside of medicating a mental illness is you become dependent on it to live life. The drugs make you feel as if you have thing sunder control, but your a dose away from hurting yourself and others. Many murders in jail have experiences as a child that has shaped them into believe their crime was justified or they were exposed to this behavior. 

I honestly believe once someone mentally has checked out, its hard to get back to that place of sanity. Reason is your constantly finding ways to cope,  This can be drugs, medication, and other actions that can hurt yourself and others. Mental health plays a huge role on your physical health as well. The drugs you put into your body can have affects on your health and organs. Think of all the celebrities who were affected by mental illness for whatever reason, most died of drug overdose. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Teena Marie, Mac Miller and the list goes on.  Lets pray for Kanye West because he is clearly not mentally all there at this time. Suicide is real too, Kate Spade, Robin Williams just to name a few. Whats your thought on this topic?!

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10 thoughts on “The Importance of Mental Health”

  1. I had someone close to me suffer depression. They weren’t rich or a celebrity but they made great money. More than average person. Their depression came from trying to maintain a lavish lifestyle. They seen that people on tv were happy with all the women, cars, clothes, and partying. But this person soon realized that was a lonely life to live. As you said, more money comes more problems and more people to impress. This person was no longer living for himself, but for everyone else who had an opinion. The need to impress and be the center of attention consumed him. He was seeking validation in the wrong type of crowd. He attempted suicide, luckily didn’t succeed.

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    1. Wow I am sorry to hear about your friend. Yeah its really a high rate of mental health issues right now for both celebrity and average working folks, I think alot has to do with the media, social media and trying to keep up with everyone else, and much of social media is not 100% real, we post pics of only happy moments, and alot of folks fabricate to get views and likes. This is the world we live in now. Thanks for Reading!

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  2. Thank you Pink Diva for sharing. It’s truly a serious subject. Mental illness. Can affect anyone. What is not understood is that mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the human brain that is triggered by a many number of reasons. Our emotional responses and through ways are all chemical synapse in the brain that informs our bodies on how to move and and react. With his being said for some drugs are necessary but their are holistic organic natural substances that can be takes daily to assist with this chemical imbalances.

    Mental illness. Is serious and it starts with acknowledging, understanding and supporting.

    Thanks. Any comments are welcome.

    Sunny by Design

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  3. I feel that mental health needs to be taken really seriously given the times that we are in. We need to consciously choose to be liberated despite all our dark experiences and pasts. This week I’m currently doing a challenge to call 20 of my closest friends and check up on them. I know it’ll be worthwhile because most times people are silently going through the most. God bless you!

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  4. Hope exists always. Very few of us are beyond saving. What you present here sounds like the current basis of psychoanalysis. but there is a spiritual side, too. My Dad, as a Chaplain in a Psych Center, was able to incorporate patients’ beliefs into the understanding–and treatment of their condition! Great stab at a difficult subject—and thanks for your visit my way! My blog also has entries and poetry about mental health—ya just have to search for them! 🙂

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  5. The thing with mental health is it affects alot of people . Sometimes the whole family . I have a friend’s who’s dad was suffering from either Schizophrenia or some other delusional disorder. And it got scary . Its harder when the person you are dealing with is older too . You can’t just make them go to the doctor sometimes.

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