Being A New Mom isn’t Easy🤰🏽🤱🏽

Moms….does this picture look familiar to you when you first brought home your new baby? Tired worn out? People can tell you how it will be, but you won’t know until your first child.

You want to cry and the post partum starts to hit you after the reality of your new life hits you. Your a mom now and everything revolves around this new little human being who depends on you. I think all new moms have felt the pressure when you bring that new baby home from the hospital. You think it will be a time for you to relax and not have nurses bother you every 20 minutes when all you want to do is sleep. You get home and as soon as you nod off the baby is crying. Not to mention you need to pump every hour on the hour so you can feed your newborn. They eat every two hours so the little bit of sleep you do get is limited. Not to mention you think you hear the baby crying every few minutes so you sleep with one eye open. Your boobs are sore and body aches from birth. Ok let’ fast forward, things to do a bit better if your lucky when they turn about four to five months and start to sleep through the night. You may only have to get up two or three times in the middle of the night to feed and change the diaper. Yes it gets better but doesent end. My little one started sleeping through the night about five months. 🙏

Although motherhood is a lot it’s the greatest gift ever! I would never change the sleepless nights for anything in the world because my daughter is a true blessing. Moms how was it for you when you first brought your new baby home?

Thanks for reading!


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