Don’t Let People Rush You!🚦🔴

I remember before I got married and approaching 30 the pressure was on to get married. Although as a career woman this wasn’t my main priority, but if was something I wanted to experience. I always wanted a partner to build a empire and start a family with. But in my time. Women and men both get the pressure but more so women to meet certain societal time lines. God has a plan for all of us, so it’s important that you listen and allow him to guide you so you don’t create more obstacles in your life. Just because your peers are getting married and having children at a certain age does not mean you have to. Trust the process, pray and enjoy your single son while you can, it will come at the divine perfect time.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let People Rush You!🚦🔴”

  1. In the african community I would say the pressure is on. My mum’s friend was pleading with me to get married because they were tired of waiting and my grandma calls only to remind me and when I started ignoring her calls unintentially 🙃 she stopped for a bit. Its something I want to experience but dont want to force it to happy only to say “I’m a married woman” and have a ring on my finger. Others see it as an accomplishment on it on and it is but not the only accomplishment. Others looks down upon other who have not married yet. At the age of 27 a friend said she was reaching her sale by date and was worried but is now married.

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    1. Yeah it’s crazy, and yes I am aware with the African community they are big on marriage by a certain age. I have a co worker from Nigeria that told me this. It’s like what’s wrong with her she not married yet? There so much we have to balance as women that adding marriage and finding a man is another pressure of a earlier relationship doesent work out. Men don’t have such pressure as we do. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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