Are Millennial Women More Successful Then Men?

I recently had a conversation with a group of women on how there are more women that are going for higher roles and earning more or just as much money as men this day and age. It’s a known fact that women are advancing their education and more career driven than generations past. Does this mean that women are more open to date and give a man a chance that makes as much or more money than them? How does this work for a man who make less or have a lower paying job? Women are more confident in their roles now as mother, career woman and often bread winner. Statistically there are more women executives and decision makers on the corporate world than ever before. Does this post a threat to their dating lives?

I do think as women face more opportunity in their careers, there are a group of women that have expectations from a partner to do better or just as well as them financially. Is this a realistic expectation? What do you think?! Thanks for reading.


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