Is This Relationship Right?

Oh joy! The world of dating. We all want someone we can love, care for, and build with correct? The journey to find this someone is not always easy, and yes, there are hills and valleys to climb getting there. That’s what we call dating. You meet someone off of attraction to the physical, which makes it hard to separate the true compatibility from the lust. As you mature and have your share of dating, this gets easier to discern. One thing that remains challenging is getting into a relationship or marriage with someone, only to find out your NOT as compatible anymore, or you failed to pay attention to signs that you were not compatible in the first place.

Ups and Downs in Life

That’s the tough part that hits you in the face. Should I stay or do I leave? Well one thing is for sure, there is no need to stay in a relationship or marriage if you both are not working together as a team, and having a healthy connection. Life is too short and the flesh is only temporary. Be honest with yourselves and don’t make decisions out of emotion. I say this because how you feel when your angry, may not be how you feel after the emotion has passed. You may say things or make a decision out of anger that can re ally hurt someone, and you cannot come back from. Take time, and access the situation so you can make a clear concise decision with your partner on what best. If its not right, maybe stepping outside the situation, and evaluating each thing that bothers each other one by one to see if it can be resolved. If not, discuss what would make both parties happy and build the road towards that either together or separate. No road is easy so be ready to face that up and down hills and valleys again.

The best way to naviagate this is communicate. Talk. If your dealing with someone who lacks communication skills, refuse to talk due to a grudge or just plain our stubborn. You have no choice but to make the decision that is best for you, and do IT! Thank you for reading! Let me know if this is something your going through.

3 thoughts on “Is This Relationship Right?”

  1. Yes, it’s quite sad to fall in love with someone and find out you’re not compatible. Been in a situation where we liked each other and could talk for hours online but couldn’t stand being in same room. Wasn’t a pleasant experience.

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