How To Understand Your Emotions

I wanted to share this post because it is easy to confuse the different emotions we feel day-to-day and understand why we feel them.  Many times we get conflicted feelings when something happens to us or if we are put into a situation where we have to make a tough decision. Decisions can cause us to feel all types of ways for example…..the ones below. The post below is interesting because I never really took the time to read the difference between some of the challenging emotions we may feel below.  As women, we have a tendency to make decisions out of emotion rather than logic at times. This is because we are naturally nurters and caring. When we make decisions out of emotions or say things we dont mean out of emotions, we have a tendecy to regret them later once that emotion has passed.

The feelings below seem negative because usually they are brought on by situations that we don’t necessarily like.  Always listen to your emotions….but never make a decision when your feeling emotional because they can change daily. Take a moment to read below…Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!




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