Don’t Work For A Bad Leader!

One thing that grinds my gears is getting hired for a job that you hope to enjoy just to find out the leadership team sucks! There are many leaders that may be good at their job but horrible managing people. The people working for you are a vital part of the health of the organization. Without the employees there is no machine behind the business.

If a company does not listen and respect the wishes of their employees it won’t go far. You may as well be a one man team. The worst type of manager is someone lacking knowledge and people skills on how to make your team happy and help them stay productive. There are two type of leaders.

1. The leader who demands and gives directions without actually doing the work.

They want to be in charge and give you orders but don’t actually do the work and lack people skills. These folks may be qualified for the job but not good managers/leaders. I would rather quit a job then have to deal with someone like his. They typically are what cause high turnover and a hostile work environment. I’d run from these jobs. I’d get a lot of these jobs in my early career days and literally quit within a few months because of management and uncomfortable work expectations.

2. The best leaders are ones who listen to the needs of their team and work with you advocating for you as well.

They listen to the needs of the team earning and building respect. These people trust that you have their best interest and you are understanding to them. These leaders make you want to work hard and make them proud, which in return earns loyalty. This decreases turnover. These leaders are on the front line and support you in times of conflict. You can focus more on what’s important with the job than concerns on if you will be let go. A good leader has customer service skills and can relate to their employees.

Thanks you for Reading!!! Have you ever worked for a horrible manager and quit?!

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