Men are From Mars…Women are From Venus…Lessons I’ve Learned about Each Sex Broken Down…

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus! This is soooo true in most cases. I say most because there are some emotional men that react like a woman depending on how in touch he is with is emotional side, but below are some obvious lessons I have seen and learned over my adult years.


  1. Women become more emotionally connected from a sexual relationship.
  2. Women are more pressured to get married and have children by a certain age.
  3. Women are more likely to give up career and personal goals to start a family.
  4. Women are naturally more emotional.
  5. Women may say I love you more often.
  6. Women may be less visual when looking for love (Physical appearance).
  7. Women will change to make the relationship work.
  8. Women will sacrifice career to be a mom.
  9. Women have more pressure from their family and peers.
  10. Women want men to initiate the relationship.
  11. Women want men to ask their hand in marriage.
  12. Women have a higher chancing of cheating if their emotional needs are not met.
  13. Women feels its the mans fault if she falls pregnant unplanned.
  14. Women are more driven to Fall in Love.
  15. Women start to consider marriage in their twenties.
  16. Women have a biological clock.
  17. Women tend to be sad after a break up immediately.



  1. Men are less likely to become emotional over sex.
  2. Men can sleep with women they do not have feelings for.
  3. Men can have a one night stand and not feel guilty or remorse.
  4. Men are sexually driven.
  5. Men are less likely to give up their careers to start a family.
  6. Men are more visual when looking for love (i.e Physical appearance first).
  7. Men usually make the decision to begin a serious relationship with a woman.
  8. Men tend to become sad after a break up when its been over for a while.
  9. Men ask the woman’s hand in marriage.
  10. Men do not have a biological clock, so there is no pressure for children.
  11. Men start to consider marriage in their thirties.
  12. Men have a higher chance of cheating physically if they are turned on by another woman.
  13. Men are less likely to sacrifice their career to start a family.
  14. Men are typically not overly emotion unless faced with something outside of their control.


If you have anymore differences that wasn’t shared in the list, please feel free to add! Thank you for reading!


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