Tips For Safe Online Dating

I wanted to write about something that has been mainstream in human culture for many years now…..ONLINE DATING!  As we all understand, times get rough and with busy lives and working, its hard to just go out and meet people.  After college, typically we are working, or if your a single mother, you have children so your time is limited. That is why online dating has become popular, and a way for singles to meet new people without leaving their home.  Its as simple as downloading an app on your phone. I will say that I have tried online dating before marriage, and although I met some nice guys, I wasn’t a fan of meeting a random person over the internet.  Call it cliche’ but I just like to know what I am getting myself into right when I lay my eyes on you, before you get my phone number.  It does not always work like this…(perfect world right?) Well if you are going to date online and give this a try here are some tips of advice that can help you not waste your time:

1) Be careful when it comes to Free apps such as Tinder or Plenty of Fish – these sites have sex predators who are on there to waste your time, or just try to have a fun night so really screen these matches if you plan on using the free route.

2) Instead of giving out your really phone number, try using a temporary number such as Google Voice or a free Google number where you can give someone until youhave got to know them better and see yourself connecting.  This way if it does not work, you can cancel the Google Voice number and they will not be able to contact you again.  Sounds mean….but it will save you headache in the later.

3) Maybe try meeting at a spot at a certain date and time before exchanging information, this way you can ensure that you like them and want to continue to pursue the friendship/relationship. You can let them know where you will be, and what color you are wearing in a public setting such as a Starbucks or public park setting.

4) Use more pay sites such as or Christian Mingle so that way if someone is seriously looking for a connection, they are going to be more willing to pay for a true match service based on compatibility etc. It saves time and headache for the folks that are just on there to waste time.

Below are some additional dating tips for single that are using Online match services.  Thank you for reading Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Tips For Safe Online Dating”

  1. We are definitely in a society where we don’t even go out and meet a person anymore or just accidentally bump into our future soul mate on the street lol. Everything is online because it’s much simpler. But to be honest when you meet someone over the internet, it just is not the same as meeting a person in person. Online you have to deal with predators, catfish, etc. To me it’s hard to get to know a person just by texting or talking on the phone, I need to physically see the person. When I used to go on dating sites before I met my boyfriend, people just seem like robots when they slide in my dms, the convo would be so monotone. I just felt a disconnect so I never really did it again. But great post and I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award a couple days ago,here’s the link:

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    1. Thanks honey! Yes I tried online dating before and it was like a waste of time to me. We met people but it never went beyond maybe one or two dates. Plus the conversation would go south after learning more about them. But there are so many people that have trouble finding the one in person and definitely not the club lol! Let’s just hope people don’t get so focused on their phones where they miss their soulmate sitting right next to them!!😘

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