Staying Positive When the Grass looks Greener!

Hey Dolls! I felt like talking about the grass looking greener on the other side this morning!  Its so easy to look at someone else and say “they have it together, or they are lucky” but one thing never to forget is that people only show and tell what they want you to know.  Nothing is ever just perfect, and if it looks like it, its not real! LOL.  When you water your own grass, it GROWS!  Especially as we get older, when your not where you want to be in life, its so easy to get down on yourself, but you have to ask, what clock are we trying to beat???? Who says we are too late????  Are we still breathing, YES, so its not too late.  We may face hurdles but if we keep trying and stay persistent, GOD does answer prayers.  Free Will is just as important as Whats meant is meant!  When we stay positive, we influence the energy around us, and the angels are attracted to this which helps the guardian angels protect and walk with us towards what we want to manifest.  I am a believer in you can control the energy around you. 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I went through my negative moments in life, especially last year.  I wanted everything my way, and to happen NOW. I had to learn that many times MY way is not the RIGHT way, and sometimes TIME allows things to manifest in the BEST way for a much better turn out in the future.  As humans this is hard because we want everything right away.  I think when we rush or want everything NOW now NOW, that’s when the dust settles, we look back and wish we may have been patient or did things another way. Now we are looking at the grass thinking its greener on the other side, when its not, its just different from ours. What I hope you get out this post is to PRAY, stay Positive, and water your own grass because whats meant for you, IS for YOU.

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