Why are we still calling it…..Reality TV??!

At some point it has to stop.  This fake world of trying to get famous quick or become relevant again.  That is what I call fake TV aka Reality TV.  It really has got out of hand!I use to watch reality TV when I was a teenager when it first became popular into my adulthood.  Just recently say about 1 year ago I stopped cold turkey.  When reality TV first became popular with shows like The Real World, Making The Band, Bad Girls Club, Catfish, Basketball Wives, Teenage Moms, The Bachelor etc I watched Reality TV.  I had a laundry list of shows I use to DVR so I didn’t miss while I was at school or work.  It became addictive quick because it allowed you to look into the lives of others, and see all the dysfunction, which pulled you in to the drama once a week.  Its like an addiction.  You can literally be so consumed with making sure you catch up on your reality TV shows that you don’t want to do anything else.  They got us hooked!  

reality-tvAs time went on, you started noticing that regular TV shows became non existent, and replaced by this new thing called Reality TV.  Its as if it took over.  Soon that is all you could find.  Now in 2019, majority of the shows on TV are some form of Reality TV type show.  What sucks is that REALITY TV is NOT REAL!  The definition I googled on Reality TV is: television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.  Which means aka – we will make fake story lines or exaggerate scenes for ratings so we can keep people glued in, even if it comes down to acting or creating a fake scene.  How is something fake, your reality?  Many of these Reality TV stars are famous because of social media.  If they did not have a following, and fans that want to see more of the foolery from their show, they would not have a name for themselves.  I will use Cardi B for example.  This woman has been rapping, and trying to put her music out there for years.  She used reality TV as a platform to get her name out there, and to quit stripping.  The money from reality TV helped her, and thus created a huge following for her personality and appearance on Reality TV show Love & Hiphop.  Cardi used social media and her popularity to push her music and create an even bigger name for herself. This goes to show you how powerful Reality TV and Social media, even if its FAKE.  Even if you are given fake roles and story lines for ratings.  America loves drama if its not their OWN.


My issue with Reality TV is that its making any and everyone famous who don’t have shit to offer positive to society.  Its like these new age rappers which music sucks can push a song on social media, or have an appearance on Reality TV and if they create a buzz, now there trending.  Hey, I am not hating, get it how you live but what happen to good traditional TV shows like: In Living Color, Fresh Prince of Bel-air, Martin, Sister, Sister, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Beverly Hills 90210 etc.?  Honestly, I don’t even watch cable anymore, I watch Netflix, HULU and shows that actually have good actors, that are entertaining in a GOOD way. I am not knocking anyone who needs their Reality TV fix but honestly I had enough.  I hope they bring good old fashion TV back. Thank you for Reading! 

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8 thoughts on “Why are we still calling it…..Reality TV??!”

  1. I agree with you. This scripted reality is getting out of hand. People like us, who’ve been watching reality TV for a while know the difference. The cars are rented, the homes are rented, clothes borrowed, etc. I fear for the younger generation who may be quicker to believe everything they see and are so impressionable. They are the ones looking up to these reality stars, not knowing the images that are portrayed are false.


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  2. I AGREE!
    I HATE reality tv and I’ve stopped watching it for some years now. To be honest I got turned off with the lack of substance these “reality” tv shows lack. In all I really disliked that they were promoting so much negativity it’s like everybody was fighting, arguing or acting ratchet. I just couldn’t stand it so I stopped watching it all together. I don’t even have cable bc I see no point. I watch a few shows but thats about it I refuse to pollute my brain lol
    Good post!


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  3. I totally agree with this post gurl…I don’t even watch TV anymore. I can’t remember the very last time I actually sat down to watch TV.

    Honestly, nothing on TV is worth it, maybe the news from Aljazeera, Fox and CNN which I stream on YouTube.

    I am a Netflix fan – so I watch all the shows that interest me there. Any other thing I need, I surf the net for it and watch or listen. Ain’t got no time for sucking Reality TV shows that are in actual fact not reality.


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  4. Gosh, imagine winning a million bucks for living on a remote beach and browsing among the berries. That was my childhood pastime. I never needed fame, just berries.

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