Be Smarter Than Your Smart Phone

Does a smart phone take away the mental requirement we need to do some of the most basic functions? When was the last time you had to remember a phone number by heart? 1989? I ask this because are we so dependent on our smart phones that we cant remember close family and friends phone number? I hate to say it but I honestly know the first six numbers of my husbands cell phone number, and the area code is the first three digits. SHAME SHAME LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I practically use my cell phone for everything.  With the apps being a touch away we have our whole life at our fingertips right? I use my phone calendar and calculator on a daily basis. I cant tell you the last time I checked an actual paper calendar, or used a regular old fashion calculator to do math.  The fact that I will grab a calculator over just jotting down basic math goes to show you how dependent I am on my mobile phone.

Does any one still wear a watch to tell time anymore? It seems like most of us are wearing them for fashion. Why need a watch for time, if our smart phone has it blasting on the lock screen? When was the last time you printed out actual pictures and made a memory book?! NOT! Most of your photos are saved to your social media or photo album in your phone…….right? Boy have times changed, but in a good way. Im not complaining it definitely makes things much easier, I love them at my finger tips, but STILL LOL. I guess manufacterers knew what they were doing to call them Smart phones because yes, they are smarter than the human mind, or lets say (can get to a point) that they are smarter than the human mind. Thank you for reading, whats your thoughts?!


3 thoughts on “Be Smarter Than Your Smart Phone”

  1. Hi there sounds like you are super dependent … I always use a paper calendar since my smart one started telling me how much my investments would return before the bank did … use a hand-held calculator and seldom carry my phone with me, no wish to be on 24/7 call!

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  2. I have a smart phone, but no one ever calls me… except for my mom and debt collectors. It is easy for me to not look at my phone at all some days. I dont have a facebook, twitter, or instagram account. Just wordpress. I like to keep things simple.

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