Are You Two Faced? Better Yet Three Faced?!

The Japanese say that everyone has three faces. One that we reveal to the world. This is the person you project when you meet new people, and before anyone gets to know more about you. Sometimes the image you want to portray if your not comfortable in your own skin. This is the mask that’s on when you have to face the day such as work, job interview, dating, making friends even school. This face helps you navigate the world and deal with those that don’t know you personally.

Next the second face is who you reveal to your close friend and family. In most cases these people do know you personally and can trigger emotions out of you depending on how much they know about you. Most cases your family knows your pain points and things you been through so you are more vulnerable and show them more emotions. This is a face that your first make rarely sees.

The last face is one that you only keep inside and is a reflection of yourself. This is your inner secret and thoughts that you deal with day to day. You may fight with demons or wants and desires so this mask stays on at most cases. If this mask comes of it can make you very vulnerable. It’s the truest reflection of who you are because you keep it inside and in the mind.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you agree!

5 thoughts on “Are You Two Faced? Better Yet Three Faced?!”

  1. I really like this, but I have no filter! I have two faces, the public and private one. The one I keep for myself doesn’t hide any secrets, it’s just the one where I let all my fears and pain come out. The public one is the one the world sees, and everyone gets it. Great post! (and super late comment)

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    1. Thanks Jay! I know so many people that have the same thing, a public and private. Especially in the work place. Some people ratchet and crazy at home in their personal life but at work super professional and poised lol.

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