The Serial Texter!

One of the most annoying things I remember about dating is the serial texter. This is someone who will keep in touch with you by text but never call or commit to a date. It’s the worst. Most of the time they are either playing the fence with you, or already have a situation and want to keep you in a string by texting you sweet nothings such as “hey beautiful and “What are you doing without actually making an attempt to go on a date. These types of daters I call serial daters. They can either best testing you to see how much you like them by sending the bait or already involved but want to keep options. Never make these type of daters a priority. These people probably are baiting multiple people without actually making the time to hang out so you are potentially one of many. That’s fine. But if someone can’t make time, keep your options open as well. For my single ladies and gents, if you come across a serial texter that can’t commit to a date, kindly respond back with the following:

4 thoughts on “The Serial Texter!”

  1. Omg I just got rid of one of these!! Saw him five times in like 4.5 months!! He was all good morning and sweet dream texts the whole time until I called him out on it then he gets all “I never felt any interest from you” and then STILL kept the morning/night texts up until I told him to go away

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